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武汉男人夜生活网:Japanese meat substitutes sell well

Japanese meat substitutes sell well

Under the epidemic,More and more Japanese eat at home,Meat substitutes based on soy plant protein are currently being sought after.

The Japan Times reported on the 27th,Japan’s meat substitute market is currently experiencing a sales boom.Many food manufacturers seized the business opportunities,Introduce more meat substitutes.E.g,Food processing giant Nippon Ham Foods Co., Ltd. launched 5 sausages made with soybeans and konjac in March; fast food chain “Moss Foods” began selling a sandwich with vegetables and grains as the main ingredients in May.Does not contain dairy products and other animal products; a large miso manufacturer sells a dried ground bean,Used to replace minced meat in cooking.

According to market research enterprise seed plan company data,Japan’s sales of plant-based meat substitutes are expected to increase to 34.6 billion yen (approximately 22.300 million yuan),It is expected to reach 78 billion yen in 2030 (50.200 million yuan).

The Japan Times reported by citing multiple sources in the industry,Some meat substitutes began to attract consumers’ attention around last year.These products are made from defatted soybeans through high temperature and high pressure processing, and then adding water and other raw materials.Rich in cellulose,Low fat,The taste is similar to meat,Therefore, it is favored by different groups of people.Since the outbreak this year,Many people cannot eat out,Either cook at home,Or order takeaway food,In addition, people are paying more and more attention to healthy eating and paying attention to the environmental impact of meat production.Boost the sale of meat substitutes in Japan.(Wang Xinfang)[Micro Feature]