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武汉江汉区夜生活网:The Sudanese government and the rebel coalition signed a peace agreement

The Sudanese government and the rebel coalition signed a peace agreement

  Our newspaper, Khartoum, September 1st  (Reporter Su Hang) News from Juba: August 31,The Sudanese Transitional Government and the anti-government armed coalition in Sudan signed a peace agreement in the capital of South Sudan, Juba,To end the 17 years of hostility between the parties.

  President Kiir of South Sudan presided over the signing ceremony,Burhan, Chairman of the Sudan Sovereignty Commission, and Hamduk, Prime Minister of the Transitional Government, attended the meeting.The content of the agreement involves security, power distribution, and the dissolution of anti-government forces and their incorporation into government forces.

  Burhan welcomed the conclusion of the peace agreement,Claiming that the agreement complies with the Sudanese Constitution,It is the country’s efforts to end the war and restore security throughout Sudan.

  In his speech, Kiir praised the Sudanese government and various rebels for accepting his mediation proposal.He also expressed his gratitude to the international community for its efforts to mediate the conflicts between the two parties.

  Although the signing of the peace agreement was supported by most Sudanese rebels,However, there are still two armed forces, the Sudan Liberation Movement and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (Northern Bureau), who refuse to participate.

  Keele said after the signing ceremony,Some armed forces still refuse to participate in peace negotiations,It shows that the peace situation in Sudan still faces challenges.

  ”People’s Daily” (September 02, 2020 16 edition)