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武汉桑拿论坛:Turkey again extends oil and gas exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean

Turkey again extends oil and gas exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean

On August 31, Turkey once again extended the exploration of the exploration ship “Oruchi Reis” for oil and gas in the Eastern Mediterranean.Provoked criticism from the Greek government.

[“Resolutely Continue”]

The Turkish Navy announced,”Oruchi Reyes” will continue to explore until September 12.The earthwork previously extended the exploration period of this ship twice,Last time was postponed to September 1.

The “Oruchi Reyes” will explore the waters between Cyprus and Crete, Greece, starting on August 10.It is escorted by a Turkish warship.Greece accused Turkey of “illegal” exploration in the waters of the “Greek Continental Shelf”,Send warships to monitor earthwork exploration ships.The Turkish government said,The earthwork has the right to explore in the waters of the “Turkish Continental Shelf”.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at an event on August 31,”Oruchi Reyes” “resolutely continue” exploration,The Turks “hope to get good news in the Mediterranean as soon as possible,Just like in the Black Sea”.Turkey announced the discovery of 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the Black Sea in late August.

Erdogan said,The Turkish side “resolutely defends its own maritime rights.”He has frequently delivered strong-worded speeches on the Eastern Mediterranean resource disputes recently.

[“Beware of Sanctions”]

With regard to the earthwork, exploration was extendedThe Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused Turkey of ignoring the European Union’s call for dialogue.”Intensify provocation”,”Destroy regional security and stability.”

Greek government spokesperson Stelios Pachas said in an interview with the Greek Radio and Television Organization on August 31,Turkey needs to “downgrade with action” the tension,Otherwise, it will be sanctioned by the European Union.

The European Union has recently expressed support for Greece on many occasions regarding the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean.Call on Turkey to stop exploration and talk to Greece to resolve the dispute.The EU’s High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borelli said at a press conference on August 28,Regarding the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean,The EU can take economic measures against Turkey,It may be discussed at the EU summit on September 24.

Pachas said,Greece is scheduled to announce a plan to increase its military strength in mid-September.He did not mention more information.Media speculation,Greece may purchase 18 fighters and two frigates from France.

Greece and Turkey recently held military exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean.The warships and fighters of Greece, France and Cyprus conducted joint exercises from August 26 to 28.Turkey and Cyprus also have disputes over Eastern Mediterranean resources.(Wu Baoshu) (Special feature)