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武汉江汉区夜生活网:A certain navy detachment in the southern theater of the war carried out psychological counseling work in accordance with the law

A certain navy detachment in the southern theater of the war carried out psychological counseling work in accordance with the law

Original title: Let the soldiers go on a long journey

Three fighters were anxious due to poor professional examination results, and two fighters experienced emotional fluctuations due to flooding in their hometown. Recently,A certain navy detachment in the southern theater of the military implemented the ordinance on the provision of mental health services for officers and soldiers,Using a psychological assessment system,Organize officers and soldiers to conduct “outbound inspections”,For officers and soldiers with emotional fluctuations and psychological anxiety in the psychological assessment,Timely psychological intervention,Ensure the mental health of escorting officers and soldiers.

“The task of the detachment is arduous,The officers and soldiers have been working under high pressure and load for a long time.Frequently deal with rescue incidents with abnormal environment and strong visual impact,Psychology, body, spirit, etc. have been greatly tested.”The leader of the detachment introduced,In a previous psychological survey,Several divers reported psychological problems after performing the mission.

This detachment implements the requirements of the “Chinese People’s Liberation Army Internal Affairs Regulations (Trial)” on psychological education, psychological assessment, psychological consultation and psychological counseling, etc.Strengthen the real-time control of the psychological situation of officers and soldiers in accordance with the law,Timely take targeted measures and intensive training,Improve the level of psychological services.They introduced and used the psychological service evaluation system,Help the grassroots to accurately grasp the psychological status of officers and soldiersCarry out precise psychological intervention.Simultaneously,By strengthening the construction of the psychological backbone team,Reach assistance agreements with professional psychological service organizations, organize psychological knowledge lectures, encourage officers and soldiers to participate in the certification of psychological counselors, and carry out psychological training, etc.Build a psychological work network and procedural norms,Improve the professional level of psychological work in the army,Better develop psychological services for soldiers.

Since the beginning of the year,When the detachment has been out to sea for a long time,Carry out work in a timely manner in accordance with the law,Ensuring that the officers and soldiers are in high spirits,Successful completion of many major tasks such as combat readiness drills and special exercises.(Zeng Xingjian Yu Chunhao)