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武汉桑拿论坛:Smart drones may become the new main force in future air combat

Smart drones may become the new main force in future air combat

A few days ago,The U.S. Air Force announced that it has awarded contracts of variable delivery and variable quantities to the four most experienced companies in the U.S. drone field, including Boeing and General Atomic Energy.Used to manufacture the “Sky Borg” unmanned fighter.This drone project is different from the drone systems built in the past.Using technology that combines man and machine,Further enhance the autonomy of drones.Combined with emerging artificial intelligence technology,What is the charm of the “Sky Borg” UAV to attract the four giants to develop vigorously?How does the emergence of new drones reflect the United States’ strategic considerations?What kind of profound impact will the drone bring to future air combat?

Uncover the mystery of “Sky Borg” 

Autonomous intelligence,The organic combination of man and machine.One of the key capabilities of “Sky Borg” is autonomy.This unmanned aircraft combines artificial intelligence and manned driving organically,Achieve autonomous actions based on instructions from manned fighter pilots or artificial intelligence algorithms.”Sky Borg” drone is equipped with a variety of sensors or weapon systems,So that it can take off, fly, and land autonomously,Can avoid airplanes and obstacles autonomously,So as to adapt to multiple combat environments,Take quick action in battle to defeat the enemy.and,”Sky Borg” UAV can communicate with other fighters using different communication systems.Transmit important information and data to manned fighter pilots,To support them to take the next step quickly and with evidence.In this way,Enhance the perception and survivability of manual driving.In addition,”Sky Borg” can use artificial intelligence to fire on enemy drones and manned fighters,Provide aerial firepower.

Good quality and low price,”Sky Borg” creates a cost-effective and efficient system.The airframe design cost of the “Sky Borg” drone is low,Even if it is consumed a lot on the battlefield, it can bear it.therefore,”Sky Borg” drones can replace high-value fighters on the battlefield to perform some high-risk missions.Such as air combat and fire strikes on the ground.And “Sky Borg” can fly with other expensive manned fighters,Protect the safety of these high-value fighters.more importantly,It can also protect the safety of pilots,Protect the precious lives of pilots.The maintenance and repair costs of the “Sky Borg” drone are also relatively low.Even if it is a huge fleet,Post-maintenance funding is not a problem.It is precisely because of the high quality and low price of the “Sky Borg” drone,A huge number of “Sky Borg” drone groups can be built,Conduct systematic operations. 

Power extension,”Sky Borg” helped the air force greatly increase its strength.The “Sky Borg” unmanned fighter equipped with artificial intelligence can replace manned fighters to perform some tedious tasks.Such as training, reconnaissance, etc.This allows manned fighter pilots to have more time and energy to study various tactics and study more complex operations.Greatly improve their combat capabilities.The drone group composed of “Sky Borg” drones can cooperate with manned fighters.Conduct joint operations.The “Sky Borg” drone can provide pilots with a lot of important information,To attract enemy firepower for manned fighters and provide effective fire suppression.Due to the large scale of the drone fleet,Even if some drones are destroyed,Still unable to prevent the drone group from performing scheduled tasks.Such a joint combat mode has increased combat effectiveness several times compared to a single combat mode.

Smart fighter,In-depth consideration of hidden beauty

Complementary advantages,Humans and machines complement each other.The “Sky Borg” drone is famous for its artificial intelligence,Because of its strong autonomy, it stands out in the new US military weapons and equipment.As the U.S. military has made breakthroughs in automatic air combat system algorithms in recent years,The goal of the “Sky Borg” project is to produce an unmanned wingman equipped with an AI air combat system by 2023.As a combat drone,”Sky Borg” is more intended to assist manned fighters.According to the goals of the Office of Strategic Capabilities of the U.S. Department of Defense,As a loyal wingman in future air combat, this type of fighterIt can cooperate with manned fighters to complete missions in various complex situations.Technically,The “Sky Borg” UAV greatly reduces the dependence of unmanned missions on pilot control.Even if the man-machine is lost due to the complicated climate or terrain,Can still be returned through artificial intelligence technology,Even follow the pre-designated to continue to complete tasks autonomously.It can be said that the human brain is placed on the drone,Reach the realm of man-machine unity.

Both offensive and defensive,The cooperation between the fighters is closer.The “Sky Borg” drone combines artificial intelligence with manned fighters,Bring “intelligent power” to air combat.The future air combat model may be pilot-centric,Unmanned aerial vehicles are an auxiliary overall combat force.”Sky Borg” as an extension of manned fighters,It can support auxiliary tasks such as early warning, interference, interception, etc.,Provide key data for pilots,To support fast, informed decision-making.Let the pilots have the enhanced version of the battlefield situational awareness.more than this,The drones share data in real time by establishing an artificial intelligence airborne platform,And through sophisticated algorithms to achieve autonomous judgment and precise strikes,Avoid delaying the war opportunity due to human decision-making errors or long time-consuming decision-making.

No one’s sword,”Sky Borg” has a profound impact on future air combat

Expand advantage,”Sky Borg” helps the US Air Force’s asymmetric advantage.Use unmanned force to destroy the enemy’s vital force,Use low-cost drone clusters to defeat high-cost manned fighters.”Sky Borg” drones will form an airborne platform family with a unified intelligent nervous system.It can make a maneuver response to the enemy at a speed surpassing that of a human pilot.Reduce the large amount of material and financial resources for training pilots.In the air confrontation,These UAVs can achieve rapid tactical decisions in a very short time through advanced algorithms,Make tactical moves that manned fighters cannot bear,To better play the excellent performance of the fighter itself,Eliminate the reduction in combat effectiveness caused by human factors.

Sudden emergence,”Sky Borg” may change the US military’s air combat strategy.UAV as a machine has its huge advantages,Dull tasks like patrols can be performed faithfully,It saves unnecessary energy for the pilot,To a greater extent, it provides valuable time for pilots to improve their overall quality.As an extension of a powerful combat force,Further improve the pilot’s situational awareness,Play the role of “force multiplier”,Let it be more combat effective and survivable in the future battlefield.At the same time, when working with manned fighter jets,Can take on high-risk tasks,And sacrifice himself to protect manned fighters when necessary,To better protect the precious lives of pilots.

“Sky Borg” was born in the competition for air power among major powers.Arouse the attention of all countries to the intelligent power of the air force.With the continuous enhancement of the air force of Russia and other countries,The United States is also vigorously developing its own fighter strength,In order to seek the advantage of air combat,The “Sky Borg” drone will undoubtedly become an air combat weapon that will affect the future battlefield.(Wang Yuang, Yan Mengyu, Shen Qiyou, Wang Jinqi)