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武汉桑拿论坛:Rivaldo: Messi may still stay in Barcelona,Neymar is now focusing on Paris

Rivaldo: Messi may still stay in Barcelona,Neymar is now focusing on Paris


September 3 News Before,Rivaldo published an article in his column,He talked about Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar in the article,Rivaldo said,Messi may still stay in Barcelona.Rivaldo also talked about his views on Ronaldo and Neymar,He said that Neymar is now focusing on Paris,And Ronaldo should carefully consider whether to transfer to Everton.

Rivaldo mentioned:“The negotiations between Messi and Barcelona are not over yet,Messi and Barcelona tried to agree on his future,If Messi agrees to stay in Barcelona for one more season,Then there will be no problems now.”

“Barcelona fans still love Messi deeply,Barcelona fans know thatMessi is still a legendary player,He can bring different things to the club,So I think Messi and Barcelona can finally come to a good result.”

“Many things may happen in the next few weeks,Messi may leave,He may also stay for another season,Even renewed the contract with Barcelona.”

“So we must wait now,If Messi finally chooses to stay,I think the fans will be satisfied with his decision,Therefore, fans will not boo Messi at the Nou Camp.”

Messi may decide to leave Barcelona after losing to Bayern

“I think after losing to Bayern in the Champions League,Messi may have made up his mind to leave Barcelona,Barcelona encountered a lot of problems last season.”

“The inside of the team is very unstable,They missed the La Liga championship,I think the 2-8 loss to Bayern disappointed Messi,after that,He decided to leave Barcelona.”

“Messi has been responsible for Barcelona for too long,He was tired of taking on such a lot of pressure,In the past few seasons,Barcelona signed a lot of players,But no player can stand up and take part of the pressure for Messi.”

“Messi’s father met with Barcelona Chairman Bartomeu yesterday,I think Messi’s decision not to attend the meeting is the right decision.”

“The tense negotiations may further affect the relationship between Messi and the Barcelona board.That doesn’t help Barcelona keep Messi,There are even disadvantages.”

Many players have left Barcelona in a bad way,I feel very frustrated about this

“For so many years,Too many players left Barcelona during a difficult time for the team.The way those players leave the team is not very good either.Such as Romario, Ronaldinho and me.”

“I left Barcelona after winning the World Cup with Brazil.At that time, my contract with the team expired in one year.”

“But Barcelona only gave me two options at the time,Or terminate the contract with the club,Or accept to be loaned to Lazio.”

“I also knew at the time,I’m not in Van Gaal’s plan,I also communicated with him,I didn’t want to work with Van Gaal.”

“And I was in good condition at the time,But Barcelona ultimately chose Van Gaal instead of me.I left the team as a free agent that season.”

“Real Madrid and AC Milan both made offers to me at the time.I finally chose Milan,I think that is better advice.”

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Ronaldo should carefully consider whether to transfer to Everton,I think he can still play in Real Madrid

“J Luo has been associated with Everton before,I think Ronaldo is still a very good player,And he should play for a big club,in my opinion,If Ronaldo stays at Real Madrid,He may regain his position next season.”

“I really admire Ronaldo,I think he can start in Real Madrid,So for now,I don’t think Ronaldo’s move to Everton will have a positive impact on his career.”

“Alan is close to joining Everton.For Alan,He has the opportunity to play in the Premier League, the best league in the world,That is good for him.”

“I think Alan can perform well under Ancelotti,for him,Joining Everton may be a major step forward in his career.”

If Suarez joins Juventus,Then Juve’s chances of winning the Champions League next season will increase

“There is news that Juventus wants to sign Suarez,If he goes to Juventus,Then Juventus’ striker combination will be Suarez, Ronaldo and Dybala.I think if Suarez went to Juventus,He will bring more goals to Juventus.”

“If Juventus signs Suarez,Their chances of winning the Champions League next season will become even greater.”

Neymar is now completely focused on Paris,He would not consider returning to Barcelona

“Since Neymar moved from Barcelona to Paris,He has experienced many things,I want to congratulate him for breaking into the Champions League final with Paris.”

“He had a difficult time in France before,Because he tried to return to Barcelona,The Paris fans also booed him because of that.But Neymar then reversed the situation.I admire him for this.”

“I think Neymar is now completely focused on Paris,He performed very well,The Paris fans also support Neymar,And he has no reason to leave Paris now,Especially considering the current chaos in Barcelona.”

“Paris does not need to make much changes to their lineup next season.And I think Paris will do better next season,And they will be very competitive in the Champions League.”

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