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武汉夜生活网:Modric talks about Messi rumors: Ronaldo is gone,Real Madrid’s life is still going on插图

武汉夜生活网:Modric talks about Messi rumors: Ronaldo is gone,Real Madrid’s life is still going on

Modric talks about Messi rumors: Ronaldo is gone,Real Madrid’s life is still going on


September 3 News Modric accepted an interview with Agence France-Presse,And he also talked about the rumors about Messi leaving the team.

“I think if Messi leaves,Would be a huge loss,Just like when Ronaldo left.But you can’t always live in the past,This is football,Football is like this.If Messi leaves,It will be a huge loss for La Liga,But we still have to look forward,Because there will be other players who will grow up.”

“When Ronaldo left,Also like this,Real Madrid does not have Ronaldo,Don’t the days go by (When Ronaldo left, the same thing happened, the life of Real Madrid went on without him),If Barcelona and La Liga do not have Messi,It will be like this too.”

For the following season,Modric said:

“Our team is not very young,But we are still very experienced,We have many young people,They will get better,I don’t know if Real Madrid will sign up,But even so,Our current lineup is strong enough.”

“We have proven this in La Liga,We can do it again,After the suspension,The Real Madrid team is full of motivation,We all want to play football,We all want to win the game.The team worked hard,Real Madrid is the best physical team in La Liga,This is the key to our victory.”

“This is my second La Liga champion,But I also hope to win more.I had some injuries at the beginning of the season,So other players are starting to play,This is not easy.But then Mr. Zidane had other ideas,Because I didn’t give up,So in the end I also got a brand new opportunity.”

For several of my teammates,Modric said:

“Hazard is a very good player,Also a very good person,But he actually endured a lot of pain during the game,And everyone always has high expectations of you,Without caring or remembering,You may not be well.”

“I talked to him,I told him,Maybe you need to take a break,Don’t be aggressive,We need the best you next season,This season is an adaptation season,You have to show 100% form next season,Because if it can’t,The situation will be very troublesome.”

“I hope next season,Hazard can return as soon as possible,And healthy,that time,I believe he will show his true strength,And why Real Madrid bought him,Because we all really need such players.”

As for my friend Bell,Modric said:

“Bell is a very good player,But his current situation is not very easy,I have always supported him,But he needs to make a decision,He needs to think clearly what to do with his career.This season is not easy for him,But in reality,Maybe he should get back to his best condition,Need to work hard,or……Let’s wait and see.”

As for Zidane,Modric praised:

“Mr. Zidane knows the players well,He is undoubtedly one of the best coaches.Real Madrid’s achievements are unparalleled,But many people still think it is luck,Mr. Zidane did not get the recognition he deserved,But I don’t think he needs these either.His achievements have said everything.”

“I still remember our conversation in 2016,Mr. Zidane told me at the time,He thinks I can win the Golden Globe Award,I didn’t even think about this problem before,But when he said something like this,I am full of confidence.This is why we all have a good relationship with him,I hope he can stay in Real Madrid for more years.”

(Edit: Yao Fan)