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武汉夜生活论坛:Hu Ge’s recent photo exposure is still too handsome,Netizens discuss: What I admire most about Lao Hu is that his goal has always been to be a good actor, not a good star插图

武汉夜生活论坛:Hu Ge’s recent photo exposure is still too handsome,Netizens discuss: What I admire most about Lao Hu is that his goal has always been to be a good actor, not a good star

Hu Ge’s recent photo exposure is still too handsome,Netizens discuss: What I admire most about Lao Hu is that his goal has always been to be a good actor, not a good star


September 7 News recently,The 38-year-old Hu Ge’s recent photos were hit by hot searches.The state of appearance does not lose little fresh meat at all.After the photo was sent, it caused heated discussion among netizens.The details are as follows:



Hu Ge, who hasn’t seen him for a long time, is on hot search.I am kind of“Stunning”Arrived.

I used“Stunning”this phrase,Because Hu Ge is so handsome,It looks like that boy more than ten years ago.

Some netizens ran into Hu Ge recently,We also saw a familiar figure in their group photo: no unshaven,The face wearing sunglasses is very handsome.Still that boy,Although you can’t see his eyes through the sunglasses in the photo,But obviously it feels more calm.

He is still the Hu Ge we like,The difference is a bit more calm.



Hu Ge has been quite low-key in the entertainment industry these years,He often disappears,Sometimes there is no Weibo or even news for several months.Everyone gradually got used to his rhythm,Just looking forward to Lao Hu’s business as soon as possible.But Hu Ge didn’t panic,He has his own plan,For him,Actor is a profession,Without a job, they return to the track of normal life.

I have liked Hu Ge for 15 years,From his “Legend of Sword and Fairy One” to the present,Only like more,Appreciate more,It has never changed.

I read Hu Ge’s Weibo a few days ago,His latest Weibo was reposted by Jin Dong:


“Life is too short,It’s a long moment,Yes,It’s been five years in a blink of an eye.”

Whether it’s “The Pretender”,Or “Langya List”,It has been broadcast for five years.

As a loyal fan of Hu Ge,I will never forget the explosion of Hu Ge in 2015.That year was a harvest year for Hu Ge,A “Pretender”,A “Langya List”,How many people are obsessed with it so far.Five years have passed,”Langya Bang” is still the top of costume dramas,“Kirin talent,Eza Meiro”,Sect Master Mei’s voice is still in his ears.

I can’t count how many times I have watched “Langya List”,Still won’t get bored,Remember the classic line of Mei Changsu:“Since you survived,Can’t live in vain.”This sentence is very powerful,It will make you look down on many things,It will also let you find your own direction in the confusion.

Hu Ge, born in 1982,Already 38 years old,As soon as he debuted“Li Xiaoyao”famous,After that, it was bumpy,Fell to the bottom.But Hu Ge never gave up no matter what difficulties he encountered.After several years of precipitation,It was the peak of 2015.

But what happens after it’s red?After becoming popular, Hu Ge did not take advantage of the victory,Instead, it has become more and more low-key.He is not afraid of being forgotten by the world,He just wants to simply do what he likes to do.

The 38-year-old Hu Ge’s recent photos are hot searches: “Langya Bang” has been five years old,What has he done all these years?



I met a teenager for the first time,Fairy Sword Li Xiaoyao

More people know Hu Ge,It should be Li Xiaoyao from the fairy sword.

honestly,It has been 15 years since Xianjian was broadcast,There is still no Xianxia work that can surpass Li Xiaoyao in my mind.In recent years, many people have clamored for a remake of the fairy sword,But what I think is,Except for Hu Ge,Who else is more suitable for the role of Li Xiaoyao?

What does Hu Ge act like?

“The Legend of Sword and Fairy” made him famous overnight,He became the forever in the hearts of our generation“Brother Xiaoyao”.

Hu Ge is lucky,After all, it became popular as soon as he debutedBut behind the luck is also inseparable from his personal efforts.If you don’t have this talent,Even if you are lucky,After all, it will not be a big fire.Hu Ge’s success is luck + perseverance.


Suffered a car accident,Fall to the bottom

Life is like this,What will always happen to you?

August 29, 2006A serious car accident,Make Hu Ge seriously injured and disfigured.This is a very big blow for an actor,After all, as an actor, you rely on your face in the entertainment industry.If the face is ruined,This career is over.

“Six and a half hours of emergency rescue,Two general anesthesia operations in four days,More than a hundred stitches on the face and neck”.This is what I saw on the Internet about Hu Ge’s injury at the time,It’s hard to imagine what he experienced at the time,How did it get through.

After the disaster,Only face with a smile.

The following year,Hu Ge is recovering from his injuries.

Hu Ge once said:“Maybe I am for the blessing of everyone,Live for my good friend.”Because one of his best friends unfortunately passed away in a car accident.He said he was living for a good friend,This sentence made me cry.

How to heal yourself?

Hu Ge chose to read during that difficult time,In reading,He survived the most tormenting period of time.

The late writer Jin Yong once gave Hu Ge a sentence: To survive the robbery,Will have a big success,keep it up,Eventually become a great weapon.

Hu Ge later, as Jin Yong said,It really did.

After that, he came back with scars,At the beginning, Hu Ge would also cover his scar with bangs.Later, we saw him show up calmly.nothing much,Dare to face,Isn’t it just a scar?Hu Ge was born with a very good skin,But he used his own experience to tell us,You want to go further,Rely on the light in your heart.


The boy returned,Legend of Sword and Fairy III

I made a drama when I was in college,Hu Ge’s “Legend of Sword and Fairyman III”.


I still remember chasing Xian Jian San that summer,I love his rebellious sedum.Then there was “Scar of Xuanyuan Jiantian”,Different from before,Hu Ge’s styling has no thick bangs.

Your life experience is actually your unique wealth in life,Hu Ge once said that he was also grateful for the car accident,“A car accident is like a gift from heaven,Let me who have been unable to calm down and think about learning have time to recharge”.

Hu Ge also gathered his reading insights into a book——”Happy Scavengers.”


After the hit,Where did Hu Ge go?

We all know that 2015 is a harvest year for Hu Ge,That year he created a classic role for us: Mei Changsu.I still think that Mei Changsu is still Hu Ge“Conferred work”,There is no work comparable to “Langya Bang”,No one can compare to Mei Changsu in my mind.

The Hu Ge we saw in “Langya Bang”,It is obviously different from his other roles.

Director Li Xue once praised Hu Ge:“Except for Hu Ge,I can’t imagine any other actor suitable for this role.”

No one would question Hu Ge’s acting skills,It’s as if no one would question Mei Changsu.

Hu Ge gained a lot in that year,And got the double actor of the Golden Eagle Festival.Few works of Hu Ge came out later.His whereabouts also became a bit erratic,Often disappear from time to time.Hu Ge refused tens of millions of rewards when he was on fire.And then go to the United States to study,But I didn’t finish my studies,Hu Ge is back again.

Actually nothing,Dare to admit your shortcomings.

Hu Ge said,“as a student,I failed”.

Later we saw Hu Ge looked a little sloppy,He grows a beard,Even shaved his head,But even so,Because “Langya List” is too popular,He is still easily recognized by foreign fans.In that case,He simply gave up on pursuing his studies,What should I do.

Remember this selfie of Lao Hu?


Free yourself,Let the fans exclaim,Lao Hu, when can you be normal!

Hu Ge later participated in some movies,Like “Hello,”Zhihua”, “Li Na”, “The Climber”.Hu Ge also performed “Hunting Ground”,And got nominated for Best Actor in the Magnolia Award.Later, Hu Ge starred in a movie “The Party at Southern Station”,Hu Ge challenged himself again,He was also shortlisted for the main competition unit of the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival with this film.

The most recent news about Hu Ge I have seen is,He is about to collaborate with the director Wong Kar Wai in the drama version of “Flowers”.

honestly,I am looking forward to this show,Because everyone knows who Wong Kar Wai is?Hu Ge-neng and Wong Kar-wai collaborated on the TV series “Flowers”,How can it not be expected?Strong alliance,And it was Wong Kar-wai’s first TV series.

Hu Ge has been precipitating himself for the past five years,Not many works,But we are always thinking of him,I hope he opens business soon,He is not in the arena,Jianghu still has his legend.

In addition to these works,Hu Ge is still doing charity,He often makes hot searches unkempt,It’s on the way to public welfare.For him,In addition to filming,Public welfare can make him truly feel himself.



There is a question on Zhihu: Why do few people hate Hu Ge?

One of the authors’ answers was:“Hu Ge is a clear stream in the entertainment industry.He knows exactly what he should do.Nowadays, even if he is not often in the entertainment industry,But the status is there,No one can surpass.He values works very much,The rest are polishing and accumulating themselves.He is very good at being a man,We only appreciate him more like him,Like him more,Can’t find any point to hack him.Who dares to black Hu Ge,The work is there,The character is there,Don’t fight or grab it there.”

I agree with this answer,Hu Ge has been 15 years since his debut in 2005.

He has gone through a lot in this position today,He has been lucky, failed, succeeded,But in the end he still allowed himself to return to a normal life.For him,Actor is a profession,Performing well-performed works is his pursuit of his acting industry.In addition,Enrich and enrich yourself.Do a good job of public welfare,Live better,This is the real Hu Ge that we especially like.


Hu Ge has also become Armani’s global spokesperson,Is it great,Think for yourself.

He has gone through hardships,Let himself live more freely; he seems to be resting all the time,In fact, he has his own plan.

What is the real rare thing about a person?That is, you can still look down on everything after success,Light clouds and light wind.

This article is written for Hu Ge, who I have liked for a long time,As a diehard fan,Will only bless him even more,Expect him to have better results,Better works,better self.

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