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武汉夜生活论坛:Italian media: the epidemic affects the finances of all clubs,But Inter did not cut player salaries插图

武汉夜生活论坛:Italian media: the epidemic affects the finances of all clubs,But Inter did not cut player salaries

Italian media: the epidemic affects the finances of all clubs,But Inter did not cut player salaries


September 7 News ?Italian media “Roma Sport” recently published an article saying,The epidemic has caused financial losses to major clubs and companies in Europe.Many clubs have adopted a salary limit policy due to the impact of the epidemic.During this period, Inter Milan did not restrict players’ salaries.The players have received their own salaries.The impact of the epidemic continues,All clubs will be very cautious about investment in transfers.

The losses of European clubs mainly come from ticket income.Affected by the epidemic,Last season Serie A was postponed and played empty,The club’s ticket loss is huge,Take Inter Milan as an example,The team lost the ticket revenue of 7 league home games (refunds of tickets sold and compensation for the loss of season tickets) and the last three Europa League: because if the Europa League is going on normally,If Conte leads Inter Milan to the final,Inter Milan will play 3 home games (16 rounds, 8 rounds and semi-finals) at San Siro Stadium.Including game day income,Inter Milan’s overall loss is roughly 30 million euros.

The lack of ticket revenue and some commercial sponsorship agreements that need to be negotiated are the main reasons for the club’s losses.In this context,European clubs impose restrictions on players’ salaries,Serie A champion Juventus imposed a salary limit,They stated in the official statement,“The salary limit will reduce the team’s expenditure by 90 million euros,Effectively ease the financial pressure of the club.”Bayern Munich, including the Bundesliga,Ligue 1 clubs such as Lyon have adopted a salary limit policy.

Italian media “Roma Sport” said,Serie A giants Inter Milan did not impose a salary limit on players.“No matter the big company or the small company,(At the operational level) difficulties are encountered at this stage.The player’s salary was not helped either,Compared to last season,Inter Milan’s salary expenditure has increased significantly.Inter Milan is very generous,For the players who helped Inter Milan enter the Europa League final,Did not cut even one euro in salary: as of today,Handanovic and his teammates have received the salary they deserve for the 2019/20 season.Unlike other teams (such as Juventus and Roma),Inter Milan did not even sign contracts with players to delay wages in order to spread the cost to the 2020/21 season.”

Relying on Suning Group,Inter Milan is the healthiest club in Serie A during the epidemic.The impact of the epidemic continues,”Roma Sport” summarized this,“The club has no box office revenue,This state will last until the beginning of autumn at least.Therefore, some sponsors will not increase their sponsorship investment in the face of this established situation.This is why Marotta and Osilio need to sell their players before introducing new aid.”

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