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武汉桑拿会所:Burst Gobi Desert competes for Shen Pao Squad

“Burst” Gobi Desert competes for “Shen Pao Squad”

武汉桑拿会所:Burst Gobi Desert competes for Shen Pao Squad插图

Desert Gobi,The smoke is everywhere,Nearly a hundred artillery were deployed,Maneuver to a predetermined area.A live ammunition shooting in the context of actual combat,Kicked off in the northwest training field of a brigade of the 81st Army Group Army in the Central Theater,Comprehensively examine the command and control, target detection, rapid response, and precision strike capabilities of artillery units in complex environments. 

“get ready,You can put the ball!”Hear the instruction,The meteorological team immediately released the air probe,The radar station follows the signal released by the radiosonde,Meteorological data is calculated,Coupled with the battalion command vehicle.Simultaneously,The reconnaissance unit, drone detection, and communication elements immediately started operations,Send the final measured target elements to the position.

“Prepare. let it go!”With the “Shooting” command,Many artillery shells soared into the air,Instant fire coverage,Destroy the target.After a round of shooting,The artillery detachment moved quickly,And according to the target damage effect returned by the observation,Correction of artillery elements,Adjust combat methods.The brigade continued for many days and nights,Fought multiple positions,Perform firepower strikes on various targets.

Simultaneously,They took advantage of live ammunition shooting,By direct shooting,The 18 artillery recommended by the artillery company was selected in the “Shen Cannon Class” competition.After receiving the target position indicated by the commander,The gunner commanded the whole class immediately,Occupy the position.Start and time,The game stipulates that 3 targets must be accurately destroyed within 5 minutes.And change from the combat state to the marching state.The volatile wind direction and speed in the Gobi area,Increased the difficulty of direct shooting.In order to maximize the muzzle velocity of the shell,Reduce wind speed resistance,They adopted full charge to ensure the accuracy of artillery shooting.

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In the absence of positions and observation posts, the data exchanged,The speed and accuracy of direct shooting depend on the close cooperation of the crew members.To complete the combat goal of destroying and retreating when found,The military and psychological qualities of every member of the artillery squad are a big test.And Wang Hao, a 16-year veteran who just transferred to the brigade,Leading team members to appear in the assessment field for the first time,He played three rounds and three hits.

After fierce competition,The evaluation team comprehensively evaluates shooting accuracy and speed,Seven artillery squads were named “shen artillery squads”,Artillery 3109 won the crown,They held a position award ceremony for the artillery squad that won the title.

“This event focuses on strictly implementing the military training program regulations.Take advantage of the high temperature and mountainous complex environment,By means of confrontation,Specific accuracy, specific speed,To further form a good atmosphere of striving for the first and creating excellence,Stimulate the enthusiasm of officers and soldiers for training and preparation,Improve the level of actual combat training”.The brigade leader Cui Zhijun introduced in an interview with reporters. (Huang Zijuan Zhou Pengbo Zhang Lipeng Xu Yucong Wu Chao)