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武汉嫩茶会:Drinking water brother: There is an hour left in the transfer window, Sarri told me to leave the team.I’m so angry插图

武汉嫩茶会:Drinking water brother: There is an hour left in the transfer window, Sarri told me to leave the team.I’m so angry

Drinking water brother: There is an hour left in the transfer window, Sarri told me to leave the team.I’m so angry


September 10 News England midfielder Drinkwater once followed Leicester City to create the miracle of winning the Premier League.Joining Chelsea has become a turning point in his career.He was also interviewed by reporters for the first time since 2016.Confided his feelings to the “Daily Telegraph” reporter Matt Law.

Drinking water brother said:“I didn’t like to trust others before,And this also has an impact on our lives,Not only at the football level.I don’t believe that what people think of me cost me,Distrusting the doctor’s advice also caused me to suffer from injuries and illnesses over the years.”

“I know that after joining Chelsea, I failed to fulfill people’s expectations of me.I also made mistakes,But I don’t want to just get paid and not play football.Money is not all powerful,Salary does not help,You don’t even think about money.”

“Some things other than football are not as simple as I thought.I am not seeking sympathy,I don’t need it.But I hope people can understand that the money earned is not for nothing,This is what I care about.”

Drinkwater moved from Leicester City to Chelsea in the summer of 2017 for 35 million pounds.This has also become a turning point in his career.


“Chelsea approached me for the first time in the transfer window after we won the Premier League.But Leicester City didn’t want to lose me and Kanter at the same time.I decided to work hard,Focus on the Champions League.But as the Champions League was eliminated,I feel I have nothing,The whole person collapsed with the game.So when Chelsea found me again,I hope to accept this challenge,I did everything I could to facilitate this transfer,I need something fresh.”

Joined the Blues with injuries,Drinking water did not develop as smoothly as expected in his first season at Chelsea.But he still made 22 appearances for the Blues,And made a great contribution to the team’s road to the FA Cup.After thinking about leaving the team,Drinking water was persuaded to stay and continue to work hard,But the arrival of new coach Sarri made his career plummet.

Drinkwater said:“We had a conversation when the summer window was about to close with an hour left.Sarri speaks,Zola translator,They said I could leave the team on loan.My feelings were:‘Wang Defa?You only give me an hour to transfer?’I didn’t call anyone,Because I’m so angry,I didn’t have time to transfer in an hour,This is a joke.”

“He said I would be depressed,That’s all right,But it was frustrating that I struggled behind three or four players.I have never been on a big list,This is crazy.Even more bizarre,Surrey and I get along well off the court,But it’s completely different on the court.”

“I do not regret staying,Did not use that hour to leave the team or did not leave the team on loan in the winter window,Because I still wanted to work hard.But now that I think about it, I am a little embarrassed,Because I didn’t play a game at Chelsea all season.”

“When I knew I would not get a chance to play,I just treat this as work,And this also means that I no longer love football,Because playing football is a job,It’s just for mixing time.Spiritually,I have been killed,It is difficult to deal with this situation for a whole year.”

Except as a last resort on the court,Drinking water was also charged with drunk driving in April last year.In response, he said:“I will not use the Chelsea incident as an excuse for drunk driving.But at that time I was undoubtedly not at the best mental state.This thing is outrageous,And it shouldn’t happen again.”

“A lot of things have happened beyond the football level,My grandma and grandpa passed away one after another,And my dog also left,This is really sad,These are part of my bad luck.”

“So many bad things happened in a short time,And my career didn’t develop as expected,This really hit me a lot.”

“I haven’t been able to see my son often,I thought it would be better to live alone,Do what you want to do,Then went to Manchester to see my son,But things did not develop as expected.I sit at home and do nothing,Or I can’t come back on time because of the train problem.”

Before joining Burnley on loan last season,Drinking water opened his heart to friends and family,And I went to see a psychologist in sports.However, he only played twice in the Red Wine Corps.In less than a month, he was beaten in a nightclub.

Talking about this,Drinking water said:“Some people say that I hooked up with other players’ girlfriends,But that’s not the case.At that time it was International Competition Day,So I did not violate any regulations when I went out to drink.But the timing was terrible then,A sprained knee is the worst thing.I was scanned the next day,The result was a problem with the bones,I can not believe it,Can things get worse?”

“I just want to have some fun and relax,If this happened in the year Leicester won the championship,So nothing happened,You will have a good night.But now in retrospect,I should have known that it was not the right time to take this risk,No matter how small the risk.”

“I don’t feel any stability in my life,I am a bit lost myself.From the player’s perspective,I don’t know where to play football; from a personal life perspective,I don’t know what kind of life I am suitable for,I am really hesitated.I think even if you are more comfortable on one side,On the other hand, it can also be handled.”

After half a season in Burnley,Drinkwater joined Aston Villa on loan at Winter Window,Talking about this experience,Drinking water said:“Joining Vera made me truly aware of my health issues.At that time I experienced a whole season without competition,And only played two games in half a season.So I thought‘Just eight games,I should be fine.’Honestly,Dean Smith is very skilled,He didn’t put too much pressure on me,But I feel like I don’t have much time.I played four or five games,But nothing,I feel that the fans are waiting for the real Drinkwater.”


The feeling of loss in my heart attacked Drinkwater again,And it broke out completely in the 0-4 loss to Leicester City,In this game against the old club,Brother Drinking Water failed to appear.

Drinking water brother recalled:“I was thinking:‘Oh my god,I returned to this place where I was so successful,But I couldn’t make it to the game,This is really embarrassing.’I was ridiculed by some fans,I was very angry when I woke up the next day.After training I am going to talk to Dean Smith,But I did it with Horta.”

“We are on the same team,I’m so stupid,I have never done anything like this before.This is really outrageous,I immediately apologized to him.I take all responsibility,Later I sent him a message,To make sure he can understand,I also translated the information from Google into Spanish.”

“I told myself that I need to clear my mind,I must take a good look at myself.I awakened once after drunk driving,Was awakened once after the nightclub incident,And after Vera’s incident, I awakened again.I think the time is over,I have never driven a car since drunk driving; I never went to an overnight club after the nightclub incident; I never fight with my teammates again.”

Drinkwater, who has returned to training at Chelsea, still believes that he can reverse his career.And eagerly hope to prove his ability to his son.

Drinking water brother said:“In my life,There is nothing more important than my son.I certainly don’t want him to read anything bad about me,But I know I need to be honest with him about what happened during this time.I want him to see,I can play games every week.”

“I can make more contributions,I don’t mind playing abroad either,Even if it will be difficult for my son.But I hope he can understand,I need to set sail again for my career.I need to find an anchor,I need to sort out one aspect of my life.If I can restart my football career,Even in foreign countries,It will also help in the long run,I need a gripper.”

“Maybe people no longer have patience with me now,No longer trust me,But I need to work hard to change this,Otherwise I will always fall into a vicious circle.If I can trust people who are good at my job,And be patient,Then I can reshape my career now.I can no longer tolerate the current situation,no way!”

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