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武汉丝袜会所:Dell: Ali was replaced at halftime?Mourinho once changed me in 30 minutes,Everyone is a man插图

武汉丝袜会所:Dell: Ali was replaced at halftime?Mourinho once changed me in 30 minutes,Everyone is a man

Dell: Ali was replaced at halftime?Mourinho once changed me in 30 minutes,Everyone is a man


September 16th The second round of the Europa League qualifiers,Tottenham will face Plovdiv Lokomotiv.Before the game,Tottenham midfielder Dell attended the pre-match press conference.

How did the team respond to the criticism received during Sunday’s Premier League game?

“We are not satisfied with the game.this is normal,Because we want to win every game.At the beginning of every game we try to win,When the team cannot win or lose,I think no one is more unhappy than the members of this team.We will adjust as soon as possible,Work hard to move forward,There are many games ahead,We don’t have time to think about other things.Need to focus on tomorrow and the intensive schedule.”

The impact of the European Cup and the current intensive schedule

“The European Cup is still far away.Things in the football world are changing rapidly,So it doesn’t make sense to consider things so far away.Personally, I am very focused on the next game.In our schedule,I think that did not take care of the players’ health.”

How did the players react to the coach’s criticism?

“We are all men,Not a kid anymore,The coach said these words not to negatively affect the team.He is just evaluating the situation of the game.We have to accept this,Accept and try to change.As a player,We are all criticizing ourselves and the team’s performance,I don’t think anyone else can feel this better than us.”

“We must be honest with ourselves,Everyone was very disappointed with the results of the game and the performance of the team.There is a schedule,We must overcome as quickly as possible,Keep going,This is what we are going to do.The most important thing is our response.If you want to be a competitive big club,The key is your reaction to poor performance or loss.


Ali was replaced at halftime

“The coach once changed me in 30 minutes (against Olympiacos in the Champions League group stage last season),worse.Ali is fine,My answer is the same,We are all men.The football world is not so beautiful,It is about results and performance.Ali is not the first person to be replaced in midfield.I don’t think it’s the first time he has encountered this situation.It won’t be the last time,It is the same for all of us.This is what can happen in the football world.If you want to be a great player,It depends on your response,And as far as I know about Ali,He will accept and move on,And train harder.”

Do you think the team needs new faces?

“To be honest, I disagree.Since I returned to the team for pre-season training,I think there is already a lot of fresh blood in the locker room.Belwyn came for six months,Gedson-Fernandez came for six months,Huiber has just joined.Compared to when I first arrived at the team,I already think this is a different dressing room.Only Lori and Kane were left in the group.Vertonghen Dawson has left the team.”


Locker room status

“The dressing room is in good condition.We only played one game.Pre-season training is difficult,No one has experienced this situation before,But everyone’s mood has been very positive.I am still excited about this season,optimism.”

“It is clear,The beginning of the team did not develop as expected,But we are still in good shape,This month’s schedule is very dense.So what we have to do is try to maintain the best condition,Every game goes with the flow,Just focus on the next game, We need a good result.”

During the intensive schedule,Can the team overcome the injury?

“I think the depth of the team’s current lineup is the strongest during my time with Tottenham.Look at the bench for the team’s Sunday game,And those players who did not make the list will know.The coach emphasized that if we want to succeed and win the game,Go further,The key is the lineup and performance.The schedule does not take into account the health of the players.This should be common sense,Let the players play on Sunday and finish on Tuesday,Then play again on Thursday and Sunday.I don’t feel any consideration for players.”

New Aid Joe Hart

“He behaves very well.Hart brought energy and experience to the team,He won many competitions and trophies in his career.I also saved 10 penalties and 5 free kicks in the training ground before.This shows his ability,And the desire to help the team.”

He saved your penalty?


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