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2, his hands holding the thigh from inside and outside a position on the knee, like a twist, like a towel, gently twist the thigh muscles, and keep to the thigh massage, massage around each thigh three times.武汉夜生活论坛027龙飞2, regular exercise

Dry weather humidifier particularly suitable for use between a breath, moist air directly inhaled through the mouth or nose, the role of the respiratory tract, ease immediately drought.

In addition, the winter can eat black sesame nourishing action include moistening the role of pears, water chestnuts, carrots, lotus root, these foods to relieve winter itch has a certain role.

  Spinach: Spinach carotene content of carrots comparable with, a person who ate 50 grams of spinach a day, vitamin A can satisfy normal human needs; vitamin C content than tomatoes more than doubled.In medicine, spinach nourishing, bleeding, moistening power, have a certain effect on the blood in the stool, scurvy, diabetes, stool astringent stagnation, high blood pressure, intestinal tuberculosis, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

1.Alcohol wipes

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However, with modern people’s perspective, the surgery room and other ancient “technology side”, as the lack of rigorous systematic tendency at the wonderful performance of “intuitive inference outside”, but also covered with a layer of mystery, and the total retro tend not longer than innovation, contrary to the scientific concept of development, compared with the results of two thousand years ago Mawangdui room with books “Motome wonderful theory” of the Ming Dynasty, whose purpose is basically the same.About 7 weeks of pregnancy, fetal bud length was 2.3 cm, weight about 4 g.

Children 7,5 to 6 years old can use language to express their emotions, and has a good ability to control their emotions, be able to accept criticism from others.If your child is four to five years old, I was crying like to use to solve problems, express emotions, it shows parents to improve their way of education and training.

Core Tip:

7.Use lotion to prevent dry skin but keep in mind you should wash your skin.

4, many activities neck

All you need is to use tens of seconds to wait for her and excited to meet the blithe sounds, and if you master the skill, the world no woman will not be called, and the result was often sounds make you fear, if you are first thought was at home parents or neighbors will not hear.3, prostration, rubbing the hair rootInformation Pollution modern information society, the rapid development of modern, newspaper, radio, television, movies, telephones, mobile phones have a lot of information, whether you are willing had stuffed into your brain.Receiving too much information, the brain will “indigestion”, the reason is the result of “information pollution”, information pollution syndrome can involve everyone, the elderly face information updates too fast, can not keep up with the times , unable to communicate with young people, so uneasy, the brain processes information more slow, melancholy appearance, blood pressure and other sub-health state, young people appear interested in learning decline, upset, insomnia.

The fast pace of modern life, a nap can relieve the cardiovascular system, and reduce body tension to mental work-based urban white-collar workers who can appreciate the work efficiency is greatly improved after the lunch break.Due to the limited time at noon, many office workers are accustomed to sleep lying on the table.Occasionally, this has little effect on human health, but the long-term effect of chronic gastritis came.Because the human body after lunch take at least an hour to put food emptying the stomach, lying on the table just after a meal nap, stomach squeezed, will increase the burden of peristalsis, easy to cause stomach bloating, reduced ability to digest, affect nutrition absorption, so that delayed gastric emptying, gastric mucosal barrier destruction, leading to gastritis.

How nap just right:

1, should immediately lie down and take a nap after lunch

Should not lie down immediately after lunch nap.After lunch, a lot of blood flow to the stomach, decreased blood pressure, decreased oxygen to the brain and nutrition, can lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain.After eating in general should rest ten minutes and then take a nap.

2, sitting at his desk and bed will produce symptoms of oxygen to the brain

Note that, sitting at his desk and sleep will reduce the blood supply to the head, makes the symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, fatigue and a series of brain ischemia and hypoxia after waking.Some people hand as a pillow, Fuzaizhuoshang lunch break, so make eye pressure, over time easy to induce eye diseases.Further, chest compression will lay on the table, Respiration, also affecting blood circulation and nerve conduction, that the arms and hands numb, tingling.

3, wake up do not immediately engage in complex and dangerous work

Wake up after mild activity.After a nap slowly stood up, drink a glass of water to add volume, diluted blood viscosity.Do not immediately engage in complex and dangerous work, because waking often engender a sense of trance.

How to prevent drowsy afternoon?

After lunch my mind feels like a pile of seaweed is not as clear-headed, inability to concentrate, eyelids began to fight.This is because: the morning release of the hormone has gradually disappeared, the stored energy from sleep last night has been released and exhausted, even more significant is the brain of boredom.

Although this phenomenon is very common, but not inevitable.Take a look at nine kinds of ways to avoid drowsy afternoon of Reader’s Digest USA Network Health Channel’s.

Before lunch

1, out of the office, sit in the sun for 10 minutes, which can help you reset the biological clock, reduce the secretion of melatonin (sleep hormone) levels.

2, in the morning a short break during the work for a while, have some tea, coffee, eat a small snack.Use this time to relax, more importantly, when to eat food can make noon eat less.

During lunch

3, appropriate eat some foods contain protein (such as fish, meat, eggs, legumes), eat more carbohydrate foods (such as rice, pasta).Because carbohydrates stimulates the release of serotonin in the blood, causing sleepiness.

After lunch

4, walking 10 minutes, but do not eat candy.Studies have shown that eating candy subjects in subsequent years will feel nervous, take a walk subjects in the subsequent few hours more energy, stress levels will fall.

5, in the hands of a few drops of peppermint oil, Cuocuo Shou, then rub the face.Peppermint contains aroma can improve energy.

6, before and after the shaking shoulders and take a deep breath accompanied every movement, insist on doing two minutes.

7, eat a small mouth dark chocolate.Because it contains healthy fats and antioxidants.Containing a small amount of caffeine can boost morale.

8, took five minutes to do some simple muscles.The method is very simple, is to make several major parts such as the head neck and shoulder muscles tense up, for a period of time, then relax.This method can not only enhance physical fitness, but also make the mind more clearly, have more energy.