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  Beware spring hepatitis eat small peak after the Spring Festival has an annual incidence of hepatitis, is about three or four months.During the Spring Festival because we inevitably go out to visit family and friends, eat and drink.People should be prepared to focus on the prevention of hepatitis B.

武汉夜生活网论坛首页Expert: This is a very good sleep habits, but the real sleep time (not including sleep time) should be controlled within half an hour, so that half an hour of light sleep state can recover from fatigue, if more than half an hour, is deep sleep, slow wave sleep, wake up and then enter this state will make people more confused, affecting work in the afternoon.

Rub the knee, this simple act contains a lot of health knowledge.Chinese medicine said rubbing knee, standing means taking, Gaozuo, sit cross-legged, squat or supine position, comprising two hands imaginary, parts close to the knees, a circular rubbing friction.It is the traditional massage technique of rubbing method, simple operation, easy to practice.

Listen to soothing and rhythmic music or sound, such as playing the cello out of the music, the sound of a train run, crickets called the drip, these sounds can create sleep-inducing reflex while relaxing.First, the points: Tianhe water

Core Tip: Why do you say?Because of the small baby body heat, in fact, seriously study it in TA!You heard these words, is not to say: good dad too pulled it and learn what’s this relationship? It simply is, a child’s body heat of this phenomenon, the body is learning how to resist germs performance.In this process, free

When winter temperatures drop a lot, a lot of people of weak constitution would feel particularly cold in the winter, which is relatively weak symptoms of blood, a lot of people in the winter time, like pot soup to drink, while trotters soup has become a lot of people choice, but when winter trotters soup pot, and then with some of the ingredients can play a greater role in the effectiveness of qi and blood, so winter pot trotters soup ingredients which make up blood with it?For that matter, today, three health network also below for everyone to recommend some sort.

Chinese medicine believes that winter often massage, can support healthy, prevent illnesses.In our body, there are many sites that can cure health care, then we follow the small series together to look at disease prevention through massage massage which parts of illnesses and disease prevention effect is good.

Third, the number should not be too frequent sexual intercourse

2, drug for emergency contraception only for this act of unprotected sex and menstrual cycle can only medication once in a month, after this cycle taking sex life should still take other reliable contraceptive measures.5.Alcohol, smoking

Second, sit sleep

Core Tip:


  Spring diet should follow the principle of how to eat healthy too?Today small to bring everyone together to explore, what is the spring diet Taboo, what the eat, what to eat, let everyone be aware of the daily diet.

Ancient physicians proved more points head by combing, can play a massage, stimulation, energy Pinggan, Xifeng, resuscitation obey God, eyesight and other painkillers.Sooner or later means that with both hands to comb the scalp redness, fever, blood flow can clear the head, the brain improve thinking and memory capacity, and promote hair root nutrition, protect the hair and reduce hair loss, eliminate brain fatigue, early fall asleep.

  The principle of a spring tonic spring tonic March are different

6, when the start Shuishui pillow under his head and put his hands on, in addition to affecting blood circulation, causing the outer upper extremity numbness pain, but also easy to make intra-abdominal pressure increases, passage of time will lead to “reflux esophagitis”.So, we should not be sleeping pillow with both hands.Abdominal fat are selectively points: Tianshu, abdominal, air sea, Guan Yuan.