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武汉嫩茶会:Correa: The new crown epidemic has made everything different.But life goes on插图

武汉嫩茶会:Correa: The new crown epidemic has made everything different.But life goes on

Correa: The new crown epidemic has made everything different.But life goes on


September 25th Local time this Sunday Atletico will host the visiting team“Pomegranate Legion”Granada,Kick off the team’s 20/21 season debut.This Thursday,Argentine striker Correa accepted an interview with the club’s official media.

Is about to usher in the first battle of the new season,What is the top priority of the current team?

“Play a wonderful game,Leave 3 points at home.I hope the team can perform well,Find confidence step by step,To face all the challenges that come later,This will benefit a lot.”

This summer’s pre-season preparation stage is a bit unusual,How is the team preparing?

“Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic,Everything has become different.Not only for football players,The same is true in the whole world.But life continues,It’s a new year now,Everyone is looking forward to it,Looking forward to making a difference in the new year.”

The games this season will remain empty,What do you want to say to the red and white fans?

“What a pity,We really miss the fans,Because when they came to the stadium to support the team,(The atmosphere) is really great.But I believe,Even if you have to watch the game at home,The fans will continue to cheer for the team like our family.I hope everything can return to normal as soon as possible,So they can return to the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium to enjoy the game.”

In your Atletico career,Which goal is the best?

“For me personally,I would choose to play at the Calderon Stadium (the old Atletico Madrid stadium,End of use after the 16/17 season) The last goal scored in the farewell match,Because it is very meaningful.”

Note: It’s because Torres played two cities in the opening 11 minutes.Help Atletico take the lead 2-0.In the 71st minute of the second half,Williams pulled one back for Bilbao.Correa came off the bench in the 88th minute.Scored a goal in 89 minutes,Help the team seal the victory.

Do you remember how you played in your debut after putting on the linen army shirt?

“After undergoing heart surgery,I am very eager to return to the green field,To compete on the court,The memories of that (first show) were wonderful.”

Can you tell the story behind this photo?


“At that time I lived in the dormitory in San Lorenzo,Just in Buenos Aires.My agent gave me a gift,I often wear this jersey afterwards,I like it very much.”

(Edit: Yao Fan)