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武汉夜网论坛:F1 Esports China Championship Round 12: Tang Tianyu won the game commentary F1 qualifying插图

武汉夜网论坛:F1 Esports China Championship Round 12: Tang Tianyu won the game commentary F1 qualifying

F1 Esports China Championship Round 12: Tang Tianyu won the game commentary F1 qualifying


On September 28th, the F1 E-sports China Championship Pro League kicked off its 12th round.The two star drivers each gave a wonderful performance: Tang Tianyu of the BT team completed the overtaking and reversed victory in the last lap of the Russian Grand Prix.Later on at the double points British Silverstone circuit,The two drivers Yuan Yifan and Zhang Liao of the LHR team completed the first 1-2 finish of the professional league so far.Won a grand slam victory.Yuan Yifan also continued to lead the championship with 757 points.But the current team standings,The BT team still leads with 1003 points,They are also the first to break 1,000 points among all teams,The LHR team followed closely with 983 points.

Tang Tianyucheng“King of Sochi”

The sixth round,Tang Tianyu won his first professional league championship at the Sochi circuit.After that game,Tang Tianyu sighed“Zero penalty”There is a lingering fear of winning the championship,Special mention is also made of the excellent arrangements for the pit stops.And today,He once again reached the top podium in Sochi,Also benefited from his own tactical choice: he started from pole position,Yuan Yifan was always chased by Yuan Yifan.On lap 9,After Tang Tianyu pitted and changed tires,It was overtaken by Yuan Yifan who had pitted one lap earlier.But on the last lap of the race,Tang Tianyu is still 0 from Yuan Yifan.35 seconds, without getting close to the vehicle in front,The ruined cauldron and the boat tapped,And took the lead to successfully surpass the inside position,Come back and win the championship.His decisiveness and desire to win as a professional e-sports driver,Both left a deep impression on the audience.


Two rounds of the Russian Grand Prix,Tang Tianyu all won the championship,Worthy of the professional league“King of Sochi”.Interestingly,Tang Tianyu just finished the game here,Turning around, he appeared as a guest in the commentary booth of Five Star Sports.“Strike while the iron is hot”Combining my own game experience,To bring fans a different commentary on the 2020 F1 Russian Grand Prix qualifying.

LHR shows great cooperation again

If it’s in Sochi,Tang Tianyu showed his ability as a top domestic e-sports driver,So at Silverstone,The two LHR drivers Yuan Yifan and Zhang Liao not only finished 1-2 with their strength,It also offered a wave of great god-level tactical cooperation,Let people see“Professional team”The high, precise and deep.

The key point of the game appeared on the 12th lap: Tang Tianyu followed the leader Yuan Yifan into the station to change tires.After coming out, he made a mistake under the pressure of G7 driver Zhuo Chao and others.Spinning around on the track,Fall to the 11th place.Although Tang Tianyu’s mistake was accidental,But after the LHR car stopped“Double-teaming”Tang Tianyu had a strict plan.“I completed the transcendence of Tang Tianyu before a stop,Because we know this is important.Then arranged for Zhang Liao to pit in advance,On the next lap, Tang Tianyu and I pitted in the same lap.Because his repair room is at the back,Caused him a loss of 1 second,It also caused him to make such a mistake after leaving the station.”Yuan Yifan revealed,After this, the LHR two-car strategy is“Pull the train”,Pull out a row of 5 sections“train”.“I deliberately slow down the rhythm,One is to ensure that Zhang Liaoneng finishes second,The second is to increase the difficulty of Tang Tianyu’s pursuit.We deliberately pulled up such a train,The first 5 cars form a group,It is difficult for Tang Tianyu to further improve his ranking.It also helped Zhang Liao defend Lu Zhouhao behind him.”During the speed of the track,Not only can you control your own rhythm and position,Can also use third parties to fight against major opponents,LHR’s tactics made Li Bao of the five-star sports commentator amazed.Full of praise.


next week,The F1 Esports China Championship will usher in the 13th round of the professional league.The two tracks are the China Station Circuit and the Zandvoort Circuit in the Netherlands.One is the most familiar track for Chinese drivers and fans.One is the debut of F1 2020,What wonderful scenes will happen then,let us wait and see.

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