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After the beginning of autumn, the weather tomorrow is not the dog days of clammy feeling, though at noon the temperature is still high, but the nights were cool.Summer and autumn, the body sweat will be significantly reduced, the body into a periodic rest phase, when people’s body will be an indescribable feeling tired, which is commonly known as “Autumn lack”.How to make “Autumn lack” We do not follow?Teach you seven strokes:

1, more than the sun

Plenty of sunshine can suppress melatonin secretion of melanin, however, when the advent of autumn, the sun irradiation is no longer as strong as the summer, the rain will increase, so the body’s melatonin will increase, thereby inhibiting hormone, adrenaline secretion, people feel depressed mood.Therefore, the appropriate people feel more than the sun can become open, it appears to be more spiritual.If rainy days, you can open the house lighting, can also improve people’s excitement.

2, sleep an hour a day

Summer day short night, many people develop a habit of getting up early to sleep at night, when autumn comes, this habit will be adjusted.Night for bed before 10:30, after 11:00 because the body’s various organs are beginning to decline, they also need to rest.In addition, the nap is also essential, especially the elderly best to develop the habit of napping.Only by allowing adequate sleep, and will solve the problem fundamentally sleepy.Of course, sleep is not possible, according to usual habits, sleep an hour a day, the best guarantee 7-8 hours of sleep.The spirit of the times in order to put to work and study.

3, eat spicy greasy food

Try to eat or not eat spicy food or barbecue, such as skewers, pepper, ginger, onions, white wine, etc..It can eat protein-rich foods such as eggs, lean meat, fish, dairy products, soy products.

Best to avoid eating greasy food, because greasy food will produce acidic substances, people feel tired as in the human body.The fruits and vegetables have the effect of refreshing, because fruits and vegetables are alkaline foods, can neutralize acidic substances in the body, eliminating the human sense of fatigue.In addition, substances produced when fruits and vegetables can also help the liver to exclude people tired as soon as possible.

4, the bubble Ginseng

From the Chinese point of view, “Autumn lack” because the fall dry, resulting in lack of people Yin Ye, yang exuberant heat due, so the Yin dryness is the key.At this time, a cup of ginseng, fatigue may be refreshing, you can also yin qi.

The ginseng slices, can take 5-10 grams of boiling water.Such a cup of tea than coffee or tea is much better, because it can not only refreshing, but also has health effect.

5, ground wink

Blink is one of the effective ways to protect eyes.Eye blinks process, but also the position of the lens and iris muscle of the exchange process, so that the eye can be lubricated to eliminate eye fatigue.If you do not blink for a long time, it will make the eyes dry and astringent, and even blurred.

Especially white-collar workers at the computer all day, be sure to protect your eyes, your eyes get proper rest.In front of the computer to be about half an hour, we must look out the window overlooking the scenery, especially green plants.

6, stretching dry hair

Always stretch, let the muscles relax, the body will feel more comfortable.When we stretch, chest organs have the heart, the lungs have a certain extrusion, you can make the heart more movement, so that more oxygen will be transported to various parts of the body.Dry hair can also ease the pressure on the body, the hand rub on the face, like a comb or your fingers combing their hair, which can promote blood circulation in the head, also can make the mind feel relaxed.

Bad posture is also easy to let the muscles feel tired, so keep good posture is also a great method to alleviate fatigue.Be sure to sit straight body, not hunched over, the same should straighten the body when walking, so as to make themselves more dynamic.

7, aerobic exercise

If the person engaged in mental work a long time, the whole body will feel weak, dizzy, which is caused due to insufficient blood supply to the brain.This shows that our brains are too tired and needed a rest.But this time sleep is not the best way to solve the problem, we need to do some aerobic exercise, the brain of oxygen becomes sufficient, for example can go out playing, exercise, etc..But do not spend much stronger movement, otherwise it will cause physical fatigue, not only can not solve the problem, but also made more mental and physical exhaustion.

Core Tip:

2, not too soft mattressThe “work hard around the clock” as virtues in the world, only Japan and the Republic of Korea.The shortest sleep time in the world, is ranked first in Korea, followed by Japan.This situation continues.

Onion Selenium is a strong antioxidant that can eliminate free radicals, enhance cell viability and metabolic capacity.Onion fried mushrooms, eggs, onion salad are all good anti-aging food.

5, eat less salt and supplements

Therefore, doctors recommend that women, as much as possible and want tight bra; to replace cotton bra bra chemical fiber products, minimizing bra time of day, and so is the best time to go out wearing, and a home to remove, and then massage the breast, so that the parts of the lymphatic system to return to normal.

6.Wonderful balance.In life, each party will have to pay and acceptance, both men and women need each other and accept each other’s services Services.One kind of mutual pleasure, actively and fully in giving the couple built a wonderful balance between the acceptable and will make their sex life always makes both extremely happy.5, urination will increase too fast foam

3.Influence of genetic factors

(At the greater trochanter and sacral hiatus most bump connection outer third) loop jump rubbing sitting or standing position, the left thumb tip rubbing Huantiao left and then the right hand thumb finger rubbing Huantiao, cross, each ten times, has through the meridians, strong muscle strong enough role.

With the improvement of quality of life, people are increasingly focusing on health, more and more attention to health care, today will introduce some of the most simple and easy to operate, good health effects method, so that you simply realize health.

  However, due to the high calorie foods like nuts, eat a lot just counterproductive effect.For some liver Wang, silt hot body of people, should not eat.

In addition to maintaining the waist, furthermore.Hard bed is also very important for the elderly who suffer from heart disease.Generally, sudden cardiac death, mainly in the field of rescue, if timely rescue can often pull through, and cardiac massage rescue techniques must be carried out on the hard board, it is best to have a hard bed elderly heart disease.Finally, experts have warned, insomnia, do not give yourself time pressure, because the pressure will make you sleep better.