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Twenty-three anti-aging food: potato武汉夜生活论坛mmcQuality of life, need to rely on yourself and your partner joint research and exploration, at how fast the female climax here.

Kudzu has the effect of clear tired antipyretic, expectorant cough, lower blood sugar, protecting cardiovascular health; wild Kudzu contains large amounts of dietary fiber, can improve constipation, remove toxins from the body, reducing the risk of breast cancer; hangover, stomach, liver, liver; eat.

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  2, ginger anti-aging nursing a cold heart

Abandon inferiority complex, we must first objectively analyze yourself, know yourself, love yourself, to establish the courage to live.Second, we must try to expand areas of life, more contact with people and things, to make friends, build friendships.In the exchanges, through the inspiration of others, induction, preaching, help, counseling, you will suddenly see the light, psychology can be corrected; while in the process of love and be loved, the experience of the value of its own existence.

  4.Sleep-disordered breathing.Due to some reasons caused airway obstruction, sleep apnea occurs, leading to hypoxia, the body organs are not very good repair, it is prone to daytime sleepiness, fatigue, lethargy and other symptoms.For obese snoring or more serious, the emergence of the above problems, it is best to observe whether sleep apnea, timely treatment when necessary.

Core Tip:

Develop hair before going to bed, brush your teeth, feet, lower body wash, is not only a good hygiene habits, but also the most simple regimen is the best way to promote good sleep.Ancient Chinese Health Care has advocated “hair should always comb” because the hair before going to bed massage the scalp, improve blood circulation head.

3 taken ginger, brown sugar.With boiling water, 1 to 2 times a day, at any time, warm clothes.Suitable for cold cold, fever, headache, cough or nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension, stomach sickness.

Pear sauce: Peel the pears to the core, chopped, and rock sugar into the pot together, until pears after Sulan, while cooking while rolling with a spoon, into a paste.Chinese medicine stresses the impassioned too “happy sad, anger harms liver, harms spleen, sadness lung, panic harm to the kidneys.”.Modern young people fail to withstand setbacks is poor, once the learning aspects of the work, career, emotional and other setbacks, it creates low self-esteem, anxiety, irritability, mood, shall not relieve long-term, progressive development of the sub-health state.

First with one hand and gently flatten out the end of eye, hand ring finger the other end of eye impose a circle along the way massage.

Diet to restore

Many ancient and modern Chinese home health advocate amble walk after dinner to help digestion and stomach, it is indeed the conservation “to help move the spleen,” the way of heaven.Health practice thousands of years proved that this method is indeed effective, a lot of benefit.Sun Ssu Tang Dynasty with family doctors and home health, he had this to say in the “appearing common saying”: “The food stop stomach after a meal, will be put on hold a few hundred paces, at scattered its gas transmission in the spleen, stomach they pass the mill corruption, so the step of moving.Hutchison said Lang rings, ancient old, will take a walk after dinner, want to shake their body to digestion also.”Thus, put on hold for a walk after dinner, it is a summary of the ancient practices of home health.Junfeng Zhou Lin spectrum and spectrum house to draw attention to health care can delay aging.

  Red beans: are the benefits of water, swelling, heat and high quality goods, especially suitable for summer consumption, heat dissipation can dampness, make up the heart and spleen, Liver and kidney.

Bitter foods allows bacteria in the gut to maintain a normal balance.This inhibition of harmful bacteria, beneficial bacteria help features that help intestinal functioning, particularly intestinal and bone marrow hematopoietic function, anemia status of children.Of course, the position outside the normal position, can be.

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