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Second, what issues affect a man’s fertility?武汉夜生活贴吧论坛Core Tip:

Mouth breathing when supine sleep, or breathe at the same time with the mouth, nose, body fluid can easily be all volatiles.Experts suggest that the elderly this from happening, it may change to change sleeping position, to avoid the supine, should be used “lying like bow” position, and preferably with a right side, try not to mouth breathing, appropriate booster pillow.Right lateral decubitus advantage also lies in the stomach outlet down, helps the stomach contents discharge, to avoid oppression of the heart.

Shenshu: second lumbar vertebra in the lumbar spinous process 1.5 inches, with liver and kidney tonic, fill the role of lean marrow for the treatment of nocturnal emission, impotence, enuresis, irregular menstruation, vaginal discharge, low back pain, weak knees, dizziness, blurred vision, tinnitus embolism.1.Xi circumferential knocking teeth pharynx Tianjin Method

2.Sleep lying east-west

Core Tip: summer hot weather, many people feel that the entire people of all irritable, especially at night could not sleep, so hot, could not sleep how to do it?Actually very simple, well prepared before going to bed can help you sleep better.

“Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” that ginseng can “make up the five internal organs, the spirit of safety, given soul, only fright, in addition to evil, eyesight happy puzzle.Jiufu light-weight sickness. “.Modern research has found that it also has anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, liver protection, regulating cardiovascular function, excited hematopoietic system and other effects.Huo performed Jilin Institute of Traditional Chinese jade books with ginseng fruit saponins on people over 50 years of age anti-aging research, confirmed that ginseng fruit saponins has “rejuvenated” effect.

A bogey before going to bed eating.Because eating before going to bed, it will increase the burden on the stomach, causing indigestion, but also affect sleep.If bedtime is too hungry, you can eat a small amount, take a break to sleep.Nap can improve energy and alertness.

Spinach and egg soup

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2, the thumb of the left thumb along the outer edge of the right hand, the finger pushing the linear direction 100 (direction must not be wrong).

Insomnia, dreams, light sleep, easy to wake up, I believe in a healthy condition is the city’s most familiar problems.These sleep disorders, belongs to Chinese medicine theory, “Insomnia”, “depressive”, “Consumption”, “heart palpitations” and other areas, associated with various diseases, can cause different types of sleep disorders.Such as depressive and more with Western medicine for depression, anxiety or menopause syndrome related, old sick or severe chronic illness Erzhi “Consumption” will also affect sleep; sleep disorders due to digestive disorders caused by, working with Chinese medicine “stomach, Insomnia” match; cardiovascular diseases caused by heart palpitations, shortness of breath and paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea also affect sleep.Cross-eyed kids only see things with one eye, so things did not look three-dimensional, you can not tell what’s near and far.For example, when sewing, the thread insertion needle with no; when filling ink into the inkwell are not Pen; take small things like always reach.Sexual health Chinese medicine has a long history, rich content.”Yellow Emperor” of physiological changes in the body of men and women have a profound understanding of the “surgery room” so we have explained, one of the “seven losses and eight benefits” is one of the representatives.”Su Wen Yin and Yang should be as big,” he said: “knower seven losses eight benefits, then both adjustable, I do not know this, it is also premature aging of the Festival.”Correct sleeping position should be toward the right lateral flexion of the legs.This is because the partial left side of the heart when lying on the right side of the small pressure on the heart, helps blood circulate freely, better metabolism.And the food in the stomach by gravity, towards promoting the duodenum, can promote digestion and absorption.But pay attention to lateral sleep pillow should not be too low, otherwise it would be neck discomfort.