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Noon is the best time soup.Some soup before lunch, not only can play a role in health care, but also the stomach full of food close to the stomach, nourish the stomach, and enhance satiety, thereby reducing appetite, weight loss for obese people is very good health.At lunch, drink carrot soup, winter melon soup, seaweed soup is a good choice.武汉夜生活网论坛 kbAccording to Professor Chen, and now a lot of people there is a misunderstanding that getting enough sleep can make it up.Many white-collar workers on weekdays to work overtime to stay up late, sleep late on weekends to fill, sometimes sleep sleep in the afternoon or even evening.In fact, not only can not make up for lost sleep, but also to break the normal sleep patterns.Experts suggest that the overall feeling of waking up the crowd during the day, you can play a little sleepy, or lunch break for a while, so you can make deep slumber to become more conscious.

2, mug

Take 2-3 tablets (10-15 g) rhubarb, 2 two sesame oil, sesame oil into the scoop and rhubarb (other suitable containers may be) in the brewed; the rhubarb fried coke, black into pieces, and then with chopsticks rhubarb to remove, add 10 grams of crystal sugar, such as sugar dissolves, and like.Second point

The more red the more the nose smell the food, the stronger the anti-aging effect

You can also lie on the bed, legs shrink in the chest, thigh close to the chest, arms straight clip around the ear, elbow attached to the bed above the palm of your hand.This action can help eliminate stool.

Ingredients: two eggs in soil, shrimp or a small group of a shrimp, a little vinegar, water (temperature) 140 ml.

Extend the life of the person’s life, about one-third of the time for sleep, which is a treasure for those who like a waste of time in terms of time, the fact is not the case.If a person is not getting enough sleep, it can significantly shorten his life.Modern scientific research confirms that people are all physiological activities in the body slows down during sleep, in the process of recovery and re-accumulation of energy.If a long time do not sleep or sleep, light can cause nervous system dysfunction, decreased immune function and, in serious cases can lead to decline.It was found that lack of sleep in the laboratory the blood, plasma total lipid, lipoprotein and cholesterol, which is the main factor leading to atherosclerosis, so that moderate sleep will help to extend the life.

Vegetable porridge: porridge can be boiled, washed and chopped before addition of cease-fire cabbage, Salt stir, cook for about 10 minutes to eat.Vegetables and choice of spinach, cabbage, rape, etc..Three risk factors: smoking

Anti-aging medicine

6.Take pepper 9g, camphor, each long pepper 6g, add water 200ml, decoction juice, dipped in liquid Waicha affected area with a sterile cotton swab, cotton ball and after impregnated with liquid disposed clenched between upper and lower teeth affected area, usually after 15 ~ pain 30 minutes, 3 to 5 times to.

GuanYuan points in the hypogastrium, before the middle line, the umbilical 3 inches, 2 inches at the pubic symphysis.

Six multi-aerobic exercise

1.Together with the halibut, roasted vegetables and spices wrapped up, and then bake in the oven.Do so out of the fish not only absorb the flavor of vegetables, but also more tender.

2.For non-early