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武汉夜生活论坛:Alturas-Gutis test positive for new coronavirus插图

武汉夜生活论坛:Alturas-Gutis test positive for new coronavirus

Alturas-Gutis test positive for new coronavirus


According to a report by Lithuanian basketball reporter Donatas Urbonas, October 10th,According to multiple sources,Russian club Zenit St. Petersburg center Alturas Gutis tested positive for the new crown virus.

In a three-party transaction in 2018,The Cavaliers got the right to sign the ancient Tees from the king.In the 2015 draft,The 76ers selected Old Tees with the 47th overall pick in the second round.His NBA team signing rights were then traded to the Kings.

The knight once invited ancient Tees to try out for them,But then Milan renewed the contract with Ancient Tis,Ancient Tees joined the Russian club Zenit St. Petersburg this summer.

Ancient Tees is 27 years old,Height 2.08 meters,Weighing 115 kg,He averaged 16 per game last season.3 minutes,You can get 7.4 points 4.4 rebounds 0.7 blocks.

(Edit: Li Changlong)