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  Chinese medicine believes that the liver is just dirty, its nature is a yang, qi restless and not static; Liver dispersion, the main ascending aorta, sexual hi be reached and evil, depression; liver in the human body, presided over by Shu Qi’s vent and affect mood, regulate blood, opens into the eyes.In the spring, should pay attention to diet, diet nursed back to health which is crucial.

夜网武汉夜生活论坛(9) call-back: feet close together, the body is slightly forward, his hands dozens of times back muscle percussion.

13, inspired his inherent artistic talent: While scientists have confirmed that no so-called “Mozart effect”, but to allow more children access to music, art, dance and other activities can still enrich the child’s inner world.Experts found that when kids dance with the music, or holding a brush graffiti, they are actually in the process of a child to express his inner world, emotional expression.Children like painting, dancing or playing music, will feel more satisfied with their own.


Therefore, it does not matter to get up early, stay up late but absolutely not.Many people lack of energy, sleep at night more than a habit, it is often easy to hurt the liver injury refined hurt the gall.Such people, the eyes are often not so that, and more depressed mood, happy time not much (the lung is also affected by long-term lack of effective propaganda reasons issued).There are people who think that sleep late at night, during the day can make it up, actually did not come back up, or sleep, or sleep enough, even if the feeling came up, in fact, the body has been damaged more than half of the blood.

Sleep is a major event in life, sleep, make people feel refreshed, full of vitality, learning, work and life are full of vitality; sleep did not sleep well, will make people feel listless, no appetite for food, Shenbushoushe.Then the lack of sleep What are the dangers it?Here we follow the next Xiaobian to understand it.

This clear sky getting brighter, more transparent, the entire universe as transparent as crystal, a myriad of crystal clear, very bright, very crystal of.The entire universe more light, our hearts are also able to detect such a bright.

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During the sixth period of notMassage to stimulate the left Shenmen can improve digestive function, accelerate gastrointestinal motility to achieve the therapeutic effect of constipation.

This tea can shun gas phlegm, eliminate fatigue, relieve headaches.Approach is also very simple, cut two to three fresh lemon, 1g addition salts, then hot boiling water.This tea like to take hot drinks, cold becomes bitter taste.Before and after can not hurt the stomach.

2.Leftovers, leftovers

How to avoid insomnia, avoid eating before going to bed nine kinds of food

In the fall this season, the weather became dried up, and the temperature difference is relatively large fluctuations, very cold all of a sudden, all of a sudden they feel the temperature has gone up.In this season there will matter most in need of attention in the next article setting them inside with you, I hope you can these few notes on the fall, quickly spread open to people around me.

We often occurs in the spring of acne on his face, the other seasons without the president, this is exactly how it happened, is it because our skin to spring allergies do?This is certainly not possible that this is because in the spring of our biological clock also go to that time, in the spring, our metabolism to speed up the pace, various body parts are beginning to intensify activities, and even the skin secretion of the sebaceous glands are also more vigorous, and this is why we tend to acne in the spring.Here’s a look way to prevent acne in the spring this season.Second, drinking tea before going to bed, drink coffeeThe researchers found that after 16 weeks, adhere to sleep in the exercise group improved significantly, depression and other symptoms, and sleep in the control group remained the same.