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武汉夜总会:Country girl invited to watch the women’s super final: football warms my life插图

武汉夜总会:Country girl invited to watch the women’s super final: football warms my life

Country girl invited to watch the women’s super final: football warms my life


News on October 14“This is football warming my life,This is the touch that football brings me,This is football holding up my dream……”This afternoon,Chinese Women’s Football Official Weibo has published several articles“Chasing girl”Written composition,Moved many netizens.



One of the authors of the article,It is Deng Lianhua, a sixth grade student of Jingwai Mingde Primary School in Xuanwei, Yunnan.Is also a member of the school women’s football team.October 11,Deng Lianhua and her other 11 teammates,At the invitation of Alipay Charity Foundation and the Chinese Football Association,Came to Kunming Haigeng base,Watch the final finals of the Women’s Super League Wuhan and Jiangsu live.This group“Chasing girl”Not only did they bring huge TIFOs to cheer for the players on both sides in the stands,After the game, he walked into the field,Step onto the championship podium,Take photos with the Wuhan team who won the championship.Deng Lianhua is the luckiest child among them.Because Wang Shuang handed the championship trophy into her hands,A country girl,Lined up the highest honor of the Women’s Super League!


“This experience is too special for children!”Gu Peiying, a football teacher at Jingwai Mingde Primary School, said,He also serves as the school’s language teacher,So of course I gave 12 children an article“Review”composition.“Deng Lianhua’s family conditions are particularly difficult,I was especially inferior before.But after joining the football team,The whole person is more cheerful and confident.”Teacher Gu said.

Captain Li Fenglan also wrote in the composition:“The most exciting is taking a photo with sister Wang Shuang,Happiness comes too suddenly,She even signed me……Thank you Sister Wang Shuang,When I grow up, I must be a female football hero like you.Bring Jinbei back to my hometown.”


After seeing the children’s composition,Wang Shuang also replied to the girls on his personal Weibo,Hope to live up to the love of children,And more girls can fall in love with football,Chasing the wind with her!

Alipay Charity Foundation started in July last year“Chasing the Wind”,Support the development of women’s football on campus in remote areas.In addition to funding and support in terms of funds, equipment, coach training, etc.,Also committed to creating more competitions and communication opportunities,Let more girls fall in love with football,Out of the country through football,Open up horizons,Get more life possibilities.

(Edit: Li Shengde)