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The second is susceptible to prostatitis in general, after a normal sexual life, sexual organs gradually weakening, 10 to 20 minutes, blood flow in the penis to return to normal.If the interrupt ejaculation, restoring blood flow velocity in the sexual organs will slow down, leading to the sexual organs in a state of congestion, but also in the long prostate congestion, prone to nonbacterial prostatitis, urinary not want to happen in urine, urination drip, urethra pain, discomfort and other symptoms.武汉夜生活论坛3667.Away from coffee and nicotine before bedtime.Eight hours is recommended that you do not drink coffee before going to sleep.


Core Tip: Why men like sex in the morning? Because most men will automatically erect penis in the morning, sexuality at its best. Women need longer time to caress, more direct argument is that men can have sex just woke up immediately, women are only after the bin began feeling excited.Women never catch up with menLamb of warm, Yin qi, warm in the tonic, appetizer Jian Li, in a warm tonic “Compendium of Materia Medica” is called up Yuanyang benefits of blood.Lamb tender meat, high in protein and rich in vitamins.Sheep fat melting point of 47 degrees, the person’s body temperature is 37 degrees, is to eat will not be absorbed by the body, fat is not easy.Eat lamb but also improve physical fitness, enhance disease resistance.

6 months baby to eat what fruit?6 months baby can eat apples, pears, bananas, watermelon, best taste is a little light fruit.Apple at 6 months may be blowing a little bit to eat with a spoon (diarrhea baby the best eat, or eat apples or apple juice), can be made into banana banana puree (with only two bananas remove the middle section), watermelon and pears can be pressed into juice.Pear is best not to eat the baby in the spring, too cold is not much good for baby.Fruit is best eaten in this season’s fruit production, best not to eat imported fruit!Freshly squeezed fruit juice to 1: 1 against the good and then give the baby to drink.Oranges are also best after 9 months.

A small amount of alcohol can promote blood circulation, blood warm, relieve fatigue, boost morale, and promoting sexual desire and sexual arousal.However, if the wine as a stimulus items, over time, there are a lot of harm.

This means that for every 100 women taking birth control pills only as a means of contraception, unwanted pregnancies will be 9 people.

Rich in vitamins, inorganic salts and trace elements, also contains 30 kinds of enzymes and 18 amino acids, nucleic acids, etc..Possible to suppress rise in serum cholesterol and liver, can prevent atherosclerosis, lower blood pressure.Another interferon inducer, can induce the body to produce interferon An interference viruses, thereby enhancing immunity.

What men eat kidney yang3, lotus root juice: two lotus root 3 Peel and wash into small pieces, an apple cuts peeled to the core, and then placed into a juicer, filtered juice was added warm water, was added 2 spoonful of lemon juice to.

Ninth trick: try new sexual way

This theory has been a plastic surgeon Rajiv – research support Graf.He recently issued a 100 for women, a ten-year research.Graph height of these women annually eyebrows, cheeks amount, the thickness of the nose to the mouth and cheek wrinkles were measured.Although some indicators of a slow decline, but the sign of young key indicators – the amount of cheek, would drop dramatically.Graf said cheeks amount can be reduced up to 35% a year.

25.Positive view of age.Yale University associate professor of epidemiology in the Bekaa – Levy found that active treatment of elderly age, and can live for more than seven years of negative treatment of the elderly.

In addition to the efficacy of millet has good efficacy stomach than in normal life, regular consumption can also help us improve sleep difficulties, easy to wake up, insomnia and other sleep problems of poor.The study found that a lot of rich millet contains tryptophan, which is the highest content of millet grains in all foods, the tryptophan can effectively relieve human nerve, let us sleep in the most comfortable situation.While millet also contains a lot of starch-rich, easy to produce food and clothing after eating a sense, can stimulate insulin secretion, increase the number of tryptophan into the brain.

Source: YangshengtangWe all know that adequate sleep a person is very important, because sleep is a health effort, good sleep to protect people’s mental health, aging, promote longevity.Therefore, to develop good sleep habits to good for the body.So what’s a woman to sleep to pay attention to it?The following Xiaobian to introduce women live longer sleep should keep in mind three to four, with a look.Multi-Green Bai Yishou less sickness(1) Select to healthy nutritious snacks.Not only from the children like the taste, appearance and choice, there are a lot of unhealthy snacks often looks attractive appearance, taste very good;