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武汉龙凤:Interview with Totti: I have no privileges in Rome,Being forced to retire in the last year is like a nightmare插图

武汉龙凤:Interview with Totti: I have no privileges in Rome,Being forced to retire in the last year is like a nightmare

Interview with Totti: I have no privileges in Rome,Being forced to retire in the last year is like a nightmare


On October 14th, Roman legend Totti appeared on the cover of the famous magazine “Vanity Fair” and accepted an exclusive interview today.Talking about his career in Rome,And the reason for leaving Rome.

As the legendary captain of the Club of Rome,What is really important to you?

“Except for children and family?It should be keeping promises,No need to sign, contract, or lawyers,Just a handshake agreement is enough.”

It’s Monday night,as usual,This week’s magazine has been typeset,Printing will start soon.When everything is ready,We received the call and learned that it was calledSheriff”ofThe news that Enzo Totti and Francesco Totti’s father just passed away from the new crown virus in Spallanzani Hospital,He was 76 years old.

We also communicated internally,What should I do now?Originally, this interview was to celebrate the official release of his personal documentary film “My Name Is Totti” on October 17.The glory and legend of that man in Rome will be reproduced on the big screen for the first time.All these plans were disrupted,But Vanity Fair decided to respect Totti and his words,Let this wonderful and rare interview between Malcolm Pagani and the former Captain of Rome appear on the newsstand on October 14th,In Totti’s long career, he rarely accepted such long interviews.He will recall his past here,Talking about the difficult transition after retiring from the stadium,And the disputed relationship with Luciano Spalletti.

We were shocked and speechless but very excited,Because Totti didn’t say a word when taking the photo,But as always, he maintained a professional and smiling cooperative attitude.

“When I stepped into the stadium,The usual Francesco became known as Totti,Because Totti is the omnipotent man on the court.” What the Captain of Rome said

I looked at him,I began to imagine the heroes in Homer’s epic: Achilles and Hector,Even if they know how their destiny will end,Still embarking on the journey without hesitation,And with glory and pride.

Totti’s football career began with playing on the beach.As the youngest child on the court,The older kids don’t want to be with him,His father Enzo spoke: Let him kick it.Because the moment Francesco touched the ball with his foot,Everyone was stunned.

The first signing, the first check, the first selection of the Serie A list, the first selection of the national team, the first serious injury, the first time that Italy won the World Cup,Lead Rome to win the league championship.

There are ups and downs,Experienced pain and frustration,Have had glory and made mistakes,On the night of the fatal penalty kick,With an angry roar,Also accompanied by the joy of becoming a champion.

Enzo has accompanied Francesco at these moments,And when his son became Totti,We can hardly measure the power and greatness this player brings to Rome.

There was a game that was unforgettable,In fact it’s not even one of the most important games,For the first time that day, Totti confessed to his future wife, Ilary Blasi, in the stands.

He wrote it under the number 10 shirt before the game started”6 Unica“(Meaning you are the only one),If he scores in the game,Will take off his jersey to show his love.The game was almost over at that time,Totti assisted three times,Roma also leads Lazio 4-1,But Totti has not scored yet,Just before the end of the game,Totti scored a shocking and iconic spoon lob shot.He rushed to the stands to show his slogan,We all know the rest of the story.

Maybe this is the fate of the hero,No one understands the meaning of fate better than Totti’s father,That is to put on a jersey for the child,And looking forward to the dream becoming a reality,Even if you don’t know what will happen in the future.

From this perspective,This father’s love for his son is so precious,He never praised Francesco for his excellence in words,But let him realize his abilities with practical actions,And be accompanied and cared.

rest in peace,Enzo,Everyone wants a father like this.—— Vanity Fair Editor-in-Chief Simeone Marchetti

What is really important to you?

Except for children and family?It should be keeping promises,No signature, contract, or lawyer required,Just a handshake is enough,We just need to look into each other’s eyes.This is the truth that my family has taught me since I was a child,And I still believe in it.

How many promises did they keep to you in these years?

In recent years,very few.I have heard too many promises,Very little has been achieved.I really like to make fun of myself,But I am not a fool to be fooled.

You have rarely given interviews in these 30 years

Because I am not a self-centered person,I’m not the kind of person who likes to talk and dreams to break into the camera.I prefer to go back three steps,Hide in front of the media,It’s even better to disappear.Because it’s easy to go wrong with my personality,I like to joke,Such as ironic jokes,But behind the jokes often contains the truth,Sometimes the truth may not be said.

If I say everything I know and think of,Will cause trouble,It will only cause harm to myself and everyone,I would rather avoid these problems.In fact, I have heard a lot of false news about me over the years,This hurts me a lot.But if I go to newspapers, radio or TV to clarify these lies,It will cause new controversy,I am a sensitive person,Or as the Romans said: a rosicone (Roman dialect: probably a sensitive and easily angry person)

Talk about the relationship with Maurizio Costanzo and Maria de Filippi,The two are media people and TV presenters,It has been a great help for Totti to learn to deal with social media relations.

The two of them will never betray me,They also made me understand that I can face pressure with different attitudes,And benefit from it.I often listen to their suggestions,I am not saying that life has changed because of this,But at least it has a great impact on me.

Talk about my youth,The first check received,My idol,And the first goal.

Checks are still very important,I was very young at the time,Money can completely change your life.You will think a lot,It also becomes difficult to make the right choice.I received my first large check on a Friday night,It was too late to go to the bank to exchange,I keep it carefully at home,Like hatching an egg,I waited until Monday morning to go to the bank.

My ambition?I just want to be a player like Giuseppe Giannini,He was the captain of Rome during my youth training,I regard him as the prince of Rome,He is the owner of Rome No. 10.When they transferred me to the first team,I was very careful to ask if I could put Giannini and me in the same room,The club agreed to my request,Oh my god,It’s like dreaming in broad daylight,My teammate who slept next to the bed at night was the one I posted on the poster since I was young.That feeling is really unforgettable.

I also remember the feeling of scoring the first goal for Rome,Just as happy as a child received a track racing toy,I prepared a celebration before,Ready to go to the South Stand to celebrate,The result was a goal scored under the north stand (the visiting team stand),I completely forgot,I was so happy,I ran left and right,I just wanted to give myself wings.

There were rumors thatYour power in Rome is so great that you can decide who to sign and what formation to play.Even coach candidates.

All shit,There has never been a teammate or coach who came up to me and said: You can make a decision, you can give an opinion, you can ask for it.

I always have a clear conscience and hold my head forward,Because I never told my teammates on the court,You kick like this,You kick like that,I never asked for anything,In addition to demanding victory.

indeed,I really want to do this too,I also want to sign players like Buffon, Thuram, Cannavaro,Because I don’t want to watch my opponent celebrate and I can only cry on one side,What’s wrong with this?Where is wrong?

Daniele De Rossi said before,A player was considering retirement when he was 25 years old.?

I know that the day I retire will come sooner or later,But I didn’t really think about it until the last year.In fact, I knew they didn’t want to renew my contract the previous season.but in fact,I can change the game every time I come off the bench,I can still score.When playing Turin,I only came on stage 4 minutes before the end of the game,I scored 2 goals and reversed the game.

They gave me a one-year contract out of public pressure.

I should have announced my retirement on that magical night,Ilari suggested to me that way,I also considered it seriously.But after a sleepless night of thinking,I decided to continue,Unfortunately, my relationship with Spalletti has been destroyed.

Talk about the relationship with Spalletti

I want to declare in advance,The coach has absolute authority in choosing players to play.He has reasons to make his own choice,I have never questioned or confronted him.But our relationship is a bit wrong,The harder I work, the more he troubles me,He always wanted to provocation,Dispute or make excuses,I quickly realized thatI can’t continue playing in this situation.

So after 25 years of playing for Rome,Probably between January and February,I gave up.

You have almost encountered physical conflicts,is this real?

It was in Bergamo,We almost met,Really almost conflicted,But fortunately, nothing happened.

Will you shake hands and make peace in the future?

Everyone in the football world makes mistakes,We all made mistakes,Put it this way,When I got up that day,You should figure out how you feel today,Is there a good mood.

When talking about the relationship with the teammates at the time,Totti recalled:

Some people worry that walking too close to me will be implicated,The coach might say: You are with him.Sounds very sad and ugly, doesn’t it?Unfortunately this is human nature,There is not much real brotherhood in the football world,Anyway,The last year was like a nightmare.

In those days, I also started to think again about how he got along with me in the first place,When I was the captain, the symbol of the team, and the indispensable player.Then I have to accept this reality:“You are 40 years old,Go aside,Don’t cause me trouble.“

This hurts me a lot.

When talking about the possibility of becoming a coach,Totti replied:

Impossible to achieve,I will go crazy.I am the kind of person who always wants to be the best,I can’t accept the mistakes that Serie A sometimes makes.

I will become a harsh, demanding and annoying guy,This kind of person is born,Not cultivated.

Is it possible for you to return to Rome in the future?

I don’t think about it now,I have a scouting agent company,I like to look after young players,I am very happy with my current job.

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