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After we read in the introduction above should now know that it ate insomnia, insomnia in addition to changes in diet should also pay attention to our daily habits, before going to bed to stay away from tobacco and tea and coffee can with hot water bubble feet, drink milk, quiet environment can make you fall asleep quickly.武汉夜生活网论坛2017☆ 8 months old baby, baby sitting in the car, we start it!Mother holding, gardens and green spaces in the chair, so that little hands, feet, little ass while the sun and more sun.

It is noteworthy that, self-massage prevention and treatment of dysmenorrhea should start after about a week before, the treatment aims to dredging meridians, blood lead down, so smooth through the line, when you want to stop menstrual cramps after massage until the next treatment cycle again.Should the inspection reveal further organic diseases associated with endometriosis, treatment should be performed simultaneously specialist.

Core Tip:

About Gregorian calendar year is March 6 24 solar Waking of Insects, this time to the sun longitude 345 degrees.

Sting is hidden meaning, first half of March, the first half of February Lunar New Year, the weather is getting warmer, Jubilee began sounding, dormant in the soil of hibernating animals and many insects feel warm in the spring, shocked out.He says, “Kwan Fong spectrum”: “After the fifteenth day of rain for the Awakening of Insects, insect sting out too shocked.”As the saying goes:” spring thunder rang, waking things.”This solar terms every” Nearly “to” Nine do, “most of northern China completely thawed, it is” Awakening of Insects broken Lingsi “,” Awakening of Insects to pass gas “argument.

“Chun Kun” is that people in the outstanding performance of this solar terms.At this point people often feel sleepy and weak, drowsy sleepy, waking up late in the morning than any other solar terms, which is commonly known as “Chun Kun”, also known as “春眠不觉晓”.”Chun Kun ‘is a physiological phenomenon produced by the body in the spring.

Jingzhe easy to commit reasons Chunkun

Experts explained that because of the long winter, the brain get used to work in the state of adequate oxygen.Spring sunshine, the temperature rose, the skin gradually expand blood vessels, blood flow increased significantly, sweat glands and pores also will be open. However, the total amount of human blood did not increase, resulting in brain blood supply is reduced, the brain energy supply shortage, combined with the warm spring weather and high humidity, produces a good sedative and hypnotic effects on human cerebral cortex, natural mind will feel heavy, sleepy.So, people feel sleepy, want to sleep.

At the same time, “Chun Kun” also with the weather, work, diet, sleep, exercise discord related.Among them, eat hot food, air conditioning can be regarded as two “culprit”.Eat more hot foods, such as spicy, fried grilled food, dog meat, lamb, wine, pot, etc., easily lead to stomach fire to rise, Kang, the yin and yang of eye swelling and pain, swollen face, severe cases, accompanied by his face flushing , and even the Firelight rise.Yin of the body easily hurt in the fire, resulting in body physique, decreased immunity, thus affecting the person’s mental state and morale, appeared tired, drowsiness, insomnia, dizziness, lack of concentration and other work issues.The high air content of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in the air-conditioned environment in the long term, will increase the “spring fever” symptoms.

So, what Jingzhe anti Chunkun eat it?

Eat more alkaline foods, such as grapes, strawberries, lemon, etc..The in vivo environment “transferred” basic is a good way to prevent Chunkun.

Eat foods rich in potassium.Elements of the human body potassium deficiency causes muscle fatigue, weakness, slow response, but also easy to fall asleep.Seaweed foods are generally more potassium, such as seaweed, kelp, etc..Spring should drink plenty of seaweed soup, seaweed soup.In addition, spinach, amaranth, parsley, rape, cabbage, celery, green onions, garlic, lettuce, potatoes, yams, fresh peas, soybeans, soybean products and also higher potassium; potassium banana fruits richest.

Eat vitamin-rich food.Lack of vitamins, can cause metabolic abnormalities, decreased body resistance, fatigue.May wish to eat more carrots, cabbage, leeks, potatoes, oranges, tomatoes, green pepper, celery and other foods rich in vitamins and the like, it is good for energy recovery, eliminate Chun Kun.

Eat more protein foods, such as fish, chicken, lean meat, low-fat dairy products, which is the brain on its toes tyrosine main chemical substances, can help prevent Chun Kun.

Jingzhe two therapeutic anti Chunkun

White beans porridge

Starting material: 30 g white beans, lotus seeds 15 grams, white fungus 10 grams, 100 grams of rice, water q.s..

Practice: white beans, lotus seeds, wash the rice, white fungus washed, chopped hair with cold water is boiling, add the right amount of water, stir and boil, then switch to a small Huoao gruel food can be.

Effects: Spleen Qi, Yin and refreshing effect, suitable for spring fatigue, weakness, spiritual malaise are edible.

Rose porridge

Raw materials: dried rosebud 10 grams, 100 grams of rice.

Method: Wash the rice, add the right amount of water into the pot, then add the dry rosebud with porridge, 30 minutes after consumption.

Efficacy: eat porridge roses can be pleasant face, delicate skin and shiny, but also treatment of liver qi stagnation caused by stomach pain, emotional aspects as well as calming, soothing, anti-depressants and other effects.

  Ginseng porridge practice

5, tea

Many cases occur in patients with shortness of breath, sweating and very easy.If accompanied by daytime sleepiness is very easy, it is likely that the situation appeared Qi of the body.

2, fats and oils: not readily absorbed fatty acids generated after the fat splitting and calcium binding, affect digestion.

There are some young women in the spring prone to a kind of “peach ringworm” skin disease is called, it manifested as scaling, itching, dry pain and other symptoms; some are manifested as erythema, papules and scaly, etc..In fact, the peach is not a “ringworm”.It is actually a good spring issue of simple rosea, seborrheic dermatitis and skin diseases such as dermatitis generic term for spring.share it:

Role: fill the lung and stomach, body fluid, run the large intestine.Suitable for Yin stomach pain, Tianjin loss constipation; modern for the treatment of peptic ulcer disease, chronic constipation.Diarrhea, spleen deficiency, dampness syndrome were cut.

Many working people usually very busy, taking advantage of the weekend and quickly catch up on sleep Mengtoutaishui ten hours a day, but always felt awake enough to return to work after the company has various degrees of “sleepy” or even adverse effects on the body.In this regard, experts say: more sleep should follow the biological clock.

  Although the body needs a lot of spring water replenished daily, but also pay attention to science of drinking water.If improper methods, is not only useless, but also may be bad for your health.First thing to note is that when the spring can not wait until thirsty to drink water when thirsty is already a loss of body water balance, and then obviously some late replenishment.

Core Tip: With the rapid economic and social development of our country, all kinds of competition, accelerating pace of life, good sleep is becoming luxuries of life, and the symptoms are insomnia tend to be younger, do not sleep at night how many people become problem.According to Chinese Sleep Research Society statistics show that China asked all kinds of sleep

Core Tip:Acupressure Remedy Acne:Refreshing massage head face has a refreshing, sedative hypnotic, antihypertensive efficacy pain, dizzy therapeutic interest halo, skin beauty.Clinical application headache, insomnia, vertigo inner ear.

  In Spring and meat