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5, eat fresh fruit and green vegetables: in particular carotene, cellulose salts and many fruits and vegetables such as cabbage, celery, jujube, hawthorn, etc., can increase the flexibility of blood vessels, promotion of blood cholesterol excluded, prevention of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease.武汉夜生活论坛027SNWhy would form a cross-eyed baby

Baby to eat fruit can be placed between meals, you can make after noon nap, eat fruit in favor of baby nutrient absorption, and would not like to eat fruit before a meal that would occupy the space of the stomach, affect nutrient intake meals.Breakfast is not suitable for the baby to eat fruit, but do not drink water immediately after a meal.

7, try sleep aids SPALiver mess

Whole grains diet is the cornerstone of daily life, in the “Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen” in the proposed “grain for the support, the five fruits in order to assist, five animals for the benefit, the five dishes for the charge, the smell of joint and service to complement the lean diet to restore the principles of gas “, whole grains can see how important the human body is a.If you feel uneasy, then before going to sleep, you can eat a piece of whole wheat bread, oatmeal or nuts.These foods have contributed to the production of insulin, help get tryptophan neural pathways, so as to achieve a calming effect.honey

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Health Weapon!4 big massage acupuncture points can kidney

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Friends often ask me, “surgery room” is a word with erotic yet?Among the many theories in the surgery room, the number of line with modern medicine?Indeed, there is now the community “surgery room” a lot of misunderstanding: Some people Bong “one drop of semen ten drops of blood”, “fine dry pulp dried up,” the theory of the rule of life, but also believe that dog whip, penises aphrodisiac ; some people see it as evil crooked management theory, traditional home completely disregard the concept of sexual health.Third, the emergency heat and simmer, add less water

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A short break to let the eyes relax, it is best to leave the seat, to find the target of some long-range point of view, about maintaining about 10 seconds, rest a little bit, there are infinite on the eye to help it.

This disease is also associated with facial drooling while sleeping

Many people fall asleep is difficult because they can not be distracted, and this complex boring way of counting is an effective distraction technique.

Xiao Bian hope these few foods that can help you shake off the pain of insomnia, a day full of energy!Is located in the medial, medial malleolus rearward depression between the heel bone and tendon, having taihsi acupoint stimulation significantly increased renal effects, it can often rubbing too River points, each for 5 minutes each point you can, do not stick method.Of course, the streamer kidney time, i.e., when the massage 17 to PM 19:00 better, the thumb of the opposite hand can be used Anrou rubbing, may be used, or a smooth stick rubbing massager; Anrou efforts, in addition to have a feeling of soreness, but also a feeling of hemp.Core Tip: Internet although not caused guard, but the powerful electromagnetic radiation or facial effort should be spared.We do not want to because of the Internet and lead to premature aging of skin it?Core Tip: