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  Spring 12 rheumatoid arthritis therapeutic side

武汉夜生活论坛有哪些Acupoints method: Locate this time to acupuncture patients should be allowed to adopt sitting or prone, acupuncture treatment of cough and fell acupoints posture to facilitate accurate acupoints giver and the smooth implementation of appropriate massage.Wind pool points in the neck, under the skull, two gluten lacunae outer edge, corresponding to flush earlobe.(Or below when the occipital bone, and Fengfu is flat, the recess between the upper trapezius and sternocleidomastoid that is.

2, crush the cooked chicken egg yolk into the bowl, research absorbed, a small lump not covered basket, spare.

3, millet3, schizophrenia

Frostbite, not a serious illness, but people attack them unbearable itching, severe cases can occur blisters or blisters rupture, erosion, ulceration.Frostbite occurs in winter, but prevention should start in late fall, the sooner the better preventive effect, as has been the onset of frostbite, often have missed the best timing of treatment.

Core Tip:

Third, lychee shrimp

3.Jie Ji Ning cough pills: good Xuanfei lung, headache and fever for children, Tansheng cough, shortness of breath and sore throat.Multi-child children cold cold cough early, but also for tracheitis, bronchitis, etc..

The study found that only six or seven hours of sleep a day who sleep more than eight hours a day than, or less than four hours of people is much lower mortality rate.Wherein the person slept 7 hours per day lowest mortality, and even human sleep five hours, this factor should be less than eight hours of sleep enough people.

Bedtime overeat, gastrointestinal to speed up digestion, stomach full of food will continue to stimulate the brain.Brain excitement, people will not fall asleep, as the Chinese say, “Stomach, Insomnia”.

How to prevent dry eyes

6.Psychological suggestion.

See a friend Su elbow on the table, immediately he smiled and said to me: This dish can beauty ah!Saw a pine nut corn, he smiled and said to me: This dish can be anti-aging ah!

Core Tip: Some people sleep more and more severe, there may be prone to cause insomnia eat some foods, like peppers, sweet potatoes, ginseng, coffee, tea, etc., in fact, before going to bed should eat some food, can promote sleep, Next, small series introduced one by one.Left hand palm up, right index finger and middle finger to little finger is pressed to the point at the left hand, with the breath, sooner or later the right hand 10 of the repeating groups.Suggestion: want to solve this problem, we must learn to live with a partner agreement “of signal”, so that men understand that not all hugging and touching are before the show, most of the time just want to experience that feeling of intimacy.Rocker in the legs on a chair or a table a few minutes, remember, legs must be higher than the heart.