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武汉mmc攻略:Foreign aid performance: Malcoba Cambu leads the scorer list,Violent bird becomes all-around midfielder

Foreign aid performance: Malcoba Cambu leads the scorer list,Violent bird becomes all-around midfielder


News from October 15th, October 16,The second stage of the 2020 China Ping An Chinese Super League will be contested in Suzhou and Dalian.The Chinese Super League officially released the first stage review of foreign aid performance,It mentioned that Markau and Bakambu, who were in a mediocre state last season, completed the counterattack.Currently tied for the top scorer list.Midfielder Paulinho is still omnipotent,Become a sharp weapon for Guangzhou Evergrande,The Oscars of Shanghai SIPG remain stable.Longdong, Mali, Alexandrini, etc. also have their own advantages in data.

Striker Knife: Malcoba Cambu leads the scorer list

In the first 14 rounds,Beijing Zhonghe Guoan’s Bakambu and Hebei China Fortune’s Markau both scored 11 goals.Malcao played 14 games in the first stage,13 starts,A total of 1282 minutes.As we adapt to the Chinese Super League this season,Coupled with the strong support of Golat behind him,He broke out completely.

On the total number of shots,Markoda 63 times,13 times more than the second place Teixeira.Shots on target 27 times,Also No. 1 in the Super League,This means 2.Score 45 shots on the right.Other data shows,The Brazilian made 38 shots in the penalty area,Scored 9 goals,Average 4.2 hits in the penalty area,A goal can be born.In addition,Malcao scored 11 goals,Six of them scored with the right foot,Ranked third in the Super League,4 headers tied with SIPG’s Anutovich for first place.

Malcao scored 11 goals in 10 games.The team has a record of 6 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss.Especially in the key battles that hit the top four (rounds 12 to 14),He scored every game,Help the team get the most critical 9 points of the season.

The comprehensiveness of Brazilians is also reflected in many aspects,In addition to scoring,He averaged 2 successful breakthroughs per game, 0.6 key passes,There are 2 key clearances.For height 1.For him at 96 meters,It’s not easy.

Compare Markau,Bakambu’s experience is equally inspirational.Last season, due to repeated shots and missed key goals,The former La Liga player may be replaced at one point.The first 4 rounds at the beginning of the season,After making 2 starts and 2 substitutes, he still failed to break the curse.Not only did not score a goal,And still wasted a lot of opportunities.

Then quickly adjusted his Bacambu and began to open the goal account.In terms of total data,He averaged 86 per game.Score a goal in 4 minutes,The 8 games he scored,Guoan 3 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss,5-2 victory over Chongqing Contemporary World War I,He finished his fourth birthday.Even more powerful is Bacambu who also had 5 assists.More than once in Markau,Equivalent to 63.A goal can be made in 4 minutes.

Bakambu has shot 32 times in total.18 shots in total,Average 2.9 shots,1.6 shots on the right can complete the goal,The efficiency is higher than Malkao.And out of 11 personal goals,All he scored in the penalty area,Be regarded as the Super League“King of Forbidden Zone”,At the same time 8 balls were scored with the right foot.

All-around midfielder: Paulinho made 11 goals, Oscar touched the most

Among the top 10 scorers in the first stage,All occupied by foreign aid.But there is only one non-strike player,It is Paulinho from Guangzhou Evergrande.

As the starting player of Evergrande in the first 14 rounds,Paulinho scored 9 goals and assisted 2 times in 1224 minutes.All are sports goals,And the 11 goals made accounted for 35 of the team’s goals.4%,Average 1.6 shots on the right can score.What’s more rare is thatPaulinho’s 9 goals were scored in 9 games,During Evergrande’s record of 8 wins and 1 draw,Four of them were 2-1 wins,The equivalent of him directly grabbing 13 points for the team.In the 3-1 victory over Jianye,He even scored a wonderful goal after 1V3 in the penalty area.Praised by the outside world“Fairy ball”.

As Evergrande’s Dinghai Shenzhen,Paulinho’s role is not only reflected in the offensive end,And his hardworking attitude.In total running distance,He reached 146,988 meters,Averaging 10499 meters per game,Ranked third in the Super League.High-intensity running data,He reached 7709.2 meters,Ranked eighth in the Super League.In addition,He averaged 1 more per game.4 successful steals,Averaged 157 touches per game,The pass success rate exceeds 88%.

Except for Paulinho,Many foreign midfielders in the Super League are the core of each team.As a commander,The first 14 rounds,Dalian’s Hamsik all started,Only missed 6 minutes of the game,Scored 2 goals and 1 assist,In total running distance,He reached 163,603 meters,Leading the Chinese Super League.In addition,He also averaged 1.9 key passes and 1.4 successful steals.

Oscar is the player with the most touches in the first 14 rounds of the Super League.Up to 3274 times,2712 times per game,It is the undisputed midfield engine.In 12 games, the BrazilianThere are 5 goals and 8 assists,Directly make 13 balls,Accounted for 50% of the team’s total goals (26 goals).

In the first 14 rounds of Guoan, Vieira3 goals and 3 assists,His characteristics are distinct,The total number of touches reached 3195,Second only to Oscar,The number of passes reached 945,The most in the Super League.Adrian, who just joined R&F from Chongqing, has 6 goals and 4 assists in 11 appearances.He averaged 176 touches per game,Key passes sent per game 3.1 time.

Each has its own strengths: Longdong runs actively, Mali scores efficiently

Other foreign aid in the Super League,Although the location is different,But they all have the same good performance.Dalian’s Long Dong is the player with the second most playing time in the Chinese Super League.Up to 1346 minutes,Scored 9 goals and assisted 4 times,The total running distance is 149466 meters,10683 meters per game,Among the top 10 running players in the Super League,The only striker,It shows a diligent attitude.

Regrettably,Long Dong scored 9 goals,Only brought 6 points for Dalian people,But Venezuelans are averaging 1.3 clearances and 0.4 critical interceptions.His teammate, Swedish player Sam Larsson,Although he is an offensive player,But contributed 41 steals in 13 games,This data ranks third in the Super League,Stronger than many defenders.

Shenzhen Kaisa’s Mali wins with efficiency.8 goals in only 608 minutes,A goal can be completed every 76 minutes.Shijiazhuang Yongchang’s Matthews has excellent skills,He was also the player who was violated the most in the first stage.Reached 43 times.Alexandrini from Qingdao Huanghaiqinggang has amazing left foot ability.All the 7 goals he scored were left-footed; SIPG’s Lopez was the player who scored the most single-handed goals.There are 4 goals.

The second stage of the Chinese Super League is about to start.When a group of 16 outstanding foreign aid teams,I believe the next game will be more exciting and intense!

(Edit: Brother Yang)