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Many mothers find that their postpartum brain seems to be unable to turn around. They take things and turn around to look for them. With a child, they feel like a big mother, forgetting things. And others say: normal, a pregnant fool for three years! Is it true that you will be pregnant for three years? But we see that some mothers perform very well in the workplace after childbirth. Why is there such a saying? According to the relevant research on the website of contemporary psychology, women who are mothers perform equally well or even better than those who are not pregnant or have no children. That is to say, postpartum mothers may be more intelligent. Childbirth can make a mother more attentive and observant. The study recruited 60 mothers more than a year after childbirth and compared them with 70 young women who had not given birth. It found that after being a mother,

their attention increased and their performance was better than that of women who had not given birth. Therefore, it is not correct to say that a child is stupid for three years. Seeing this, there may be some mother’s objection: No, I clearly feel that the postpartum reaction has slowed down a lot. In the future, I can calculate how much money I can get by buying a dish, but now I can’t figure it out for half a day. And my mother said, yes, I used to be a master of memory, but now I feel I can’t remember anything. Clearly holding the baby’s bottle, but in the end to find. There are also mothers who say that their postpartum really feel that the whole is not in the state, before the husband said that he can analyze which is true and which is false, but postpartum husband said he was half a day did not respond to it,


but also by the husband pit a lot of private money but bought a camera. It is true that many mothers have such a feeling, postpartum brain reaction is much slower, but most of this happens within a year after delivery. The emergence of such a situation is mainly a physiological change, and the mother’s postpartum care, will slowly improve, or even better! Why after giving birth to a child, the mother will become stupid? Mainly because of these reasons, see how many of you in 1, production blood loss too much Normally speaking, 24 hours after the birth of a baby, if natural birth bleeding more than 500 ml, cesarean section bleeding more than 1000 ml is postpartum hemorrhage. What do these data represent: our whole body blood volume is 7% – 8% of our body weight. If we weigh 60 Jin, we will have 4500 ml of blood, 500 ml is 1 / 9 of the blood volume, and 1000 ml is nearly 1 / 4 of the blood volume. And our big aunt usually 20-60 ml each time, 500 ml of blood after childbirth, among which we came 12 times a year. Lose so much blood, can our body not be affected. Blood loss directly affects our brain,


brain blood supply and oxygen deficiency, people also slow reaction, poor memory, forgetfulness. 2. Not only blood loss during childbirth, but also breast-feeding when the body is weak. When breastfeeding, the nutrition of our body will also be lost. From the mother’s body to the child’s body, if the mother’s own nutrition is not sufficient, it will give priority to the fetus, and the mother will be in a state of malnutrition. Iron deficiency will affect the ability of the brain to supply oxygen. If the brain is short of oxygen, the reaction will certainly be slow. Calcium deficiency will affect the stability of the brain nerve, leading to poor sleep, affecting the brain’s ability to respond. 3. After birth, the mother not only bears the pain of uterine contraction, but also faces a child crying for food day and night, which makes novice mothers in a hurry. If they meet pig teammates at this time, a father doesn’t care, and the mother doesn’t eat well or sleep well. If you don’t sleep well, you will often be in a trance. A father said that in order to sleep better for his wife, he would go to work during the day, come back to take care of the baby at night, change the diapers for the children, and pat the burp. In addition to breast-feeding, the wife can still sleep at other times. At that time, the child’s grandmother took care of her, and she took good care of her during the day. After a period of time, the father found that his wife’s thinking was very clear,

but because he had to go to work and take care of the children, he was lack of sleep, and his reaction was slow. Mother postpartum become silly is likely to be caused by poor sleep. 4. Postpartum depression in pregnancy, the body in order to make the fetus better growth and development, the rapid rise of various hormones, long-term at a relatively high level, and after the birth of the child, is not the blessing of the fetus, these hormones immediately drop sharply, will also affect the mother’s mood. Many mothers will have such a feeling, postpartum are feeling depressed, depressed, do you think the reaction ability can be good? Every day will be cranky, eat not good sleep. It’s natural to be stupid after childbirth. 5. The

change of interpersonal relationship brings about not only a child, but also a mother. Nowadays, most families will ask their grandmothers to help and take care of their children because of economic and security considerations. Some grannies are very strong, let me take the children according to mine! For example, squeeze the baby’s chest, or tie hands and feet, drink herbal tea, eat rice paste early, which are mostly made by grandma. Because some grannies have been living in the countryside, they may not pay much attention to hygiene and take care of their children too little. These will make mother crazy, every day these trivial things let mother’s emotion in the edge of the outbreak, not silly. Mom just does it

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