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It is because of the busy work during the day, no time to consider a balanced diet, so dinner is so important. However, after a busy day, many people often choose unhealthy or excessive food for dinner because they are tired, lazy, or simply want to indulge in appetite. Moreover, they often want to have a good night before going to bed because they don’t eat the right one. As a result, you can’t help falling asleep with guilt. When people are very hungry, they often lose their senses and eat indiscriminately. In order to avoid this situation, xiaoshoujie suggests that busy office workers should have some snacks, such as a small box of fruit or steamed bread. They can fill their stomachs at 4 or 5 p.m. to stabilize their blood sugar. When they go to look for food after work, they will not buy or eat because of low blood sugar. There are also many people who use dinner time to get together with their family and friends, which makes them easy to eat too much fat and fish. Some people are afraid of being fat and dare not eat starch at dinner. They only eat fruits and vegetables. These are incorrect practices. What does fatty liver look like? Foie gras, a famous French dish, is a typical fatty liver. The geese were forced to feed a large number of food and excessive food, resulting in the accumulation of fat in the liver of geese due to excessive nutrition and become fat and soft. Human fatty liver is self-made. Yang Peiming, executive director of the foundation, pointed out that obesity is the most common cause of fatty liver disease. Especially now that Taiwanese eat well and eat more, the problem of obesity is becoming more and more serious. If the body mass index (BMI) is between 25 and 30, half of them are likely to suffer from fatty liver disease; if the BMI exceeds 30, the probability of liver oil is as high as 85%. In addition to obesity, hyperlipidemia, especially high triglycerides, alcoholism, poor control of diabetes, hepatitis C, and drugs (such as steroids, anti rheumatic drugs) are also common causes of fatty liver. In the past, many doctors believed that fatty liver caused by long-term drinking could easily develop into alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis, and then lead to liver cancer and other serious problems. If fatty liver is not caused by alcoholism, it will not develop into cirrhosis. However, recent studies have found that some fatty liver patients who seldom drink alcohol and are not caused by alcohol abuse may also cause fatal liver crisis. A good dinner must have good carbohydrate, moderate protein and fat, and sufficient dietary fiber. It is better to replace refined starch with whole grains with low GI. When eating a small hot pot, you might as well use pumpkin and taro instead of white rice and white noodles. Don’t touch too much sauce and eat less processed hot pot dumplings, so as to avoid eating too much sodium and heat unconsciously. Homemade vegetable curry rice is also a good choice for dinner. However, we should pay attention not to stir fry too much oil, seasoning should not be too salty, brown rice can be used to replace white rice, and then add eggplant, beans, mushrooms, asparagus and other less eaten vegetables. In addition, if you buy the ingredients for a week’s dinner and plan the dishes, you won’t eat them because you are hungry. Many people eat soup noodles or Bento at noon, and the intake of vegetables is insufficient. For dinner, you may as well use a variety of colorful vegetables and fruits to supplement fiber, which also helps to defecate smoothly in the next morning; meat is not suitable to eat too much, because protein is decomposed into amino acids, which will transport nutrients to the brain first, making people more awake, leading to poor sleep at night. After dinner, some people are used to a dessert. Chen Yunfan exhorts that desserts and drinks contain sugar. If you want to eat, you can only choose one. Don’t eat too much fruit to avoid too much sugar. Many people’s fatty liver is caused by choosing the wrong dinner. Only one dinner a week can be relaxed. If you often eat high fat and high calorie food, it is easy to cause insulin resistance, which means that insulin becomes insensitive and unable to play its role. If you eat high fat and high sugar foods for a long time, you will not only increase body fat, but also become muscle losing obesity, and you will be easily tired due to uneven nutrition. In about two years, you will be aging and your metabolism will decline. But it’s never too late to change. As long as you are willing to eat a healthy dinner, you can correct your bad eating habits in three months. If you don’t eat right or enough, you will not only get fat and get old, but also develop the bad habit of eating supper. It takes about 4 hours to digest a dinner. If you don’t eat enough starch during dinner, it is recommended that you go to bed early so as not to feel hungry and want to spend the night. If you can’t stand hunger before going to bed, there are several nighttime options that are more healthy, and will not cause too much burden on the stomach, such as brewing brown rice flour, warm milk (you can add a little oatmeal), low sugar soybean milk (you can add black sugar if you are sugar free soy milk), yogurt or yoghurt with fresh fruit. In addition, the convenience stores can sell Coix milk and oat milk. Milk contains casein to help sleep, yogurt and yogurt provide good bacteria for the stomach and intestines, while grains and nuts contain sugar and oil, which can slowly raise blood sugar and bring satiety. As for the market soda biscuits, although the nutrients are enough, most of them are too oily; people with poor stomach should avoid eating apples, pears, guava and other high fiber fruits for the night before going to bed, so as to avoid indigestion. In addition to weight loss, good use of oil (mustard oil), drink less sugary drinks, moderate alcohol consumption, exercise to eliminate fatty liver, you can also choose fatty liver out essential food: 1, purple

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