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With the increase of age, the body will always appear a lot of small hair disease, and at this time, the most expected is to have a “strong” body. But you know, our body needs some parts to be “soft”. If it is too “hard”, it may become the enemy of health! 1. The joints are stiff, which increases the risk of fracture. If you pick up something, you can’t bend down your knee; if you climb a stairs, your joints will “click”; if you walk for a few minutes, it will be painful; if you go to the toilet, it will be difficult to squat down and climb up This should be a true portrayal of many old people, not only that, a little careless, but also easy to fall, and even fracture. Old people’s knees are always miserable. In general, the bone mass of men reaches the peak at the age of 32, and that of women reaches the peak at the age of 28, followed by a decrease of 0.1% – 0.5% every year. Especially in women around 45 years old, without estrogen protection, bone mass will drop sharply. The reduction of bone mass will increase the risk of

osteoporosis and make joint stiffness more likely. ② Muscle degeneration and strain the human muscle reaches its peak at about 25 years old and decreases after 40 years old. The lack of muscle strength is just like the lack of “protective bag” in joints, which will greatly shorten the life span of joints. Most muscles of the human body are composed of elastic fiber cells, but with the growth of age, the fiber cells degenerate and will be gradually replaced by connective tissue, and the joints will become weak and stiff, hindering daily activities. In addition, excessive muscle activity, excessive pressure, or long-term static posture can easily lead to sustained muscle tension and chronic strain. Over time, the muscles will be stiff, spasmodic and induration. ③ Cartilage degeneration with age, articular cartilage due to long-term cold, strain, become rough, thin and fall off, cartilage gradually degenerate, friction each other when walking, it is easy to lead to joint pain, swelling, stiffness. 2.

Three steps to soften joints: ① supplement nutrients with calcium, which is the main component of bone, can increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis; at the same time, collagen, vitamin D and magnesium should be supplemented to prevent the loss of calcium and promote the body to absorb calcium into the bone, so as to maintain the toughness and elasticity of bone. But in order to protect the joint, it is necessary to have ammonia sugar, on the one hand, it can repair cartilage and keep it elastic; on the other hand, it can supplement joint fluid and reduce friction damage between joints. ② If you exercise your muscles, you will lose them if you don’t practice them. If you exercise for a long time, you will be injured. Therefore, we need to grasp the intensity of exercise and follow the “1357” principle: exercise five times a week, about 30 minutes each time, to achieve a slight sweating all over the body, and the maximum heart rate does not exceed 170 years old, which is effective exercise. ③ The stiff feeling of knee by acupoint massage mainly comes from soft tissue lesions. By massaging Zusanli and Sanyinjiao points, it can promote the circulation of Qi and blood and relieve the stiffness of the knee. Location: Sanyinjiao (ST36) is located on the medial side of the ankle, and Zusanli (ST36) is located at the four fingers under the outer knee. Methods: knead Zusanli and Sanyinjiao points with middle finger, one minute for each point. In addition, obese people should pay attention to weight control, reduce the load-bearing pressure of joints, reduce the behavior of climbing stairs and mountains, keep joints warm when the weather is cold, and more importantly, seek medical treatment as soon as possible when joint pain is serious, and do not delay. 2. Vascular sclerosis increases the risk of sudden death. The blood vessels of the human body are distributed in a network and spread all over the body. They are responsible for transporting nutrients and excreting metabolic wastes. Under normal conditions, the blood vessels are elastic and flexible, the walls of blood vessels are smooth, without material deposition, and the blood flow is unobstructed. However, our blood vessels will gradually aging from about 25 years old. In addition, the invasion of risk factors such as bad living habits will inevitably accelerate the aging of blood vessels, aggravate the vascular sclerosis, increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and even induce sudden death! 1, the “culprit” of vascular sclerosis Hyperlipidemia caused by bad cholesterol or high triglyceride is the main factor causing arteriosclerosis. ① Bad cholesterol low density lipoprotein cholesterol (bad cholesterol),


which is converted from cholesterol, is the “first killer” of cardiovascular diseases. Because bad cholesterol will accumulate on the wall of blood vessels and form plaques, narrow the lumen and block blood flow; It can also stimulate inflammation of blood vessels, damage vascular wall, cause vascular sclerosis, increase the occurrence of myocardial infarction, embolism, sudden death, etc. ② Triglycerides triglycerides are the accomplices of bad cholesterol, which can accelerate vascular disease. When the large volume of bad cholesterol can not invade the blood vessels with small space, triglyceride can make it “small and dense”, so that it can smoothly invade the blood vessels, form large plaques and cause arteriosclerosis. In addition, greasy diet, long-term smoking, reversal of day and night, sedentary and so on are risk factors, which will reduce the elasticity of blood vessels; and common diseases such as hypertension and hyperglycemia will also increase the risk of hardening. 2. There are “two treasures” for promoting blood circulation and controlling lipid. In order to avoid vascular sclerosis, we should improve our lifestyle, eat reasonably, and exercise actively. Patients with hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia must insist on medication and control their condition. In addition, Chinese medicine experts also recommended two “magic weapons”: 1

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