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There are babies at home. As parents, we not only hope that children can be healthy, but also hope that children can become more intelligent. Many people will think that IQ depends on heredity. But in fact, the baby’s postnatal brain development, is also very important. 01 Baby brain development, 0-5 years old is the key period, diet and feeding is very important, the speed of brain development of children is the fastest at 0-5 years old. By age 0-2, the brain volume triples, and by the age of 5, it can reach 90% of that of an adult. Therefore, 0-5 years old is also defined as the critical period of children’s brain development. At this stage, there are many ways to train your child’s brain and make your baby’s brain smarter. However, the premise for children to have a smart brain is to have a healthy brain;. And if you want to have a healthy brain, nutrition plays a big role. Many parents know that the quality of nutrition intake will affect their children’s organs. But in fact, the biggest impact is still the child’s brain. Because nearly 60% of the energy that infants get from food goes to the brain. School age children, on the other hand, use 25% of their food for brain development and construction. It can be seen that nutrition plays an important role when children are 0-5 years old. Nutrition, lifestyle, early education and so on, have a very big impact on the baby’s brain development. What moms of pistachio are going to say today is what many parents ignore & quot; proper feeding & quot;. How does a baby grow a smart brain? In the critical period of 0-5 years old, diet and feeding should be done to eat four foods. Fish: seafood and DHA supplement have always been the top smart food. However, in view of the fact that most people do not have access to adequate seafood and some areas are polluted, parents can also allow their children to take ready-made DHA drops. Blueberry: the effect of parents on Blueberry may be more focused on the eyesight. In fact, blueberries can also help children grow into smart brains;. Blueberry peel, there are a lot of phytonutrients flavonoids, is the brain’s & quot; filter & quot; which allows healthy substances to pass through and prevent harmful substances from entering. In addition, blueberry also has anti-inflammatory function. Nuts: in nuts, the most brain tonic is walnut, because its content of ω – 3 is the highest. For children to eat nuts, parents must not be soft handed & quot; smart & quot; carbohydrates: the child’s brain, can not lack sugar to build, but must choose the right carbohydrate. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains contain lots of smart carbohydrates. Of course, there are also junk carbohydrates, which are usually in bags or bottles. Calcium: calcium can not only help children’s height and bone development, but also help brain development. Dairy products, calcium food, etc., are the source of calcium. Milk: after the child is 1 year old, you can add milk appropriately. In addition to calcium, milk can also give children a lot of protein and other rich nutrition. 2、 Eat less and eat more. The child’s brain is not as good as he thought. He can’t store sugar. That is to say, the brain intake of sugar, no more than a lot, just good. Stable blood sugar, can let the child have stable nerve function, as well as mood. Because in children’s body, all kinds of hormones need to work together, and insulin is just like the conductor of a band. Only when insulin is stable can other kinds of hormones play smoothly, so that children’s brain and body are in a balanced and healthy state. If you want to maintain this stability, you must eat less and more meals. In this way, it can not only ensure that sugar consumption, but also ensure that the brain can get the right amount of sugar. 3、 Have a good breakfast Dr. Zhang Wenhong talked before the beginning of school that children should not have porridge in the morning, but must drink milk, egg sandwiches and other high protein foods. Such remarks, in fact, have broken many families’ understanding of breakfast, so some parents are hard to accept. Parents who are used to eating soybean milk fried dough sticks, porridge, steamed buns still don’t understand how important breakfast is for a child. A nutritious breakfast can provide children with a whole day’s energy and energy, and their attention will be more focused in class. A good breakfast, in fact, is not as difficult as imagined, you just need to choose protein rich, fiber-rich carbohydrates can be. Such as whole grains, fruits, milk, yogurt, oats, eggs, nuts and so on. 4、 I remember that when I went to work, there was a Baoma mother who liked to eat snacks, and then her three-year-old daughter also followed her to eat all kinds of snacks containing chemical additives. Three meals a day were basically takeout. Some colleagues kindly remind me that it’s better to buy some organic food for children to eat. &What do you do with that money? It’s expensive. &Colleague: how much do you think your child’s brain is worth. What’s the impact of junk food on children? Children’s brains are being constructed. Parents feeding junk food to their children is like stuffing garbage into their children’s brains

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