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武汉spa:Jets lay off running back Levien Bell插图

武汉spa:Jets lay off running back Levien Bell

Jets lay off running back Levien Bell


Update: On Tuesday evening,According to ESPN reporters,The Jets cut running back Bell.

US time on Tuesday,According to ESPN reporters,The New York Jets are currently trying to bring running back Levien Bell (Le’Veon Bell) traded out.

Bell’s salary in 2020 is still 6 million US dollars (full guarantee),This will also create certain difficulties for transactions.But both parties now seem to want to end this relationship early.

Bell signed a four-year $52.5 million contract with Jets last year.But the data is not as gorgeous as before.He only advances an average of 3 per shot in the jet.3 yards,The team record is also very bad.

After losing 30-10 to the Cardinals on Sunday,Bell declined to be interviewed by the media.However, he liked several posts on social media thinking that the coach Adam Gase was improperly employed.Bell should be traded on Twitter.

This is not the first time that Bell and Ghaith have been unhappy.The two also had conflicts during the training camp.

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