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In this era of “all the people are beautiful”, not only girls will let themselves take care of their skin care every day, but also some boys who have higher requirements on the quality of life will also pay great attention to their own skin management. We should know that although not everyone only values the appearance, but more importantly, the people who manage their own image seriously will give others a clean and elegant first impression. Some girls do skin care every day,

and they are not soft on the cost of skin care products. However, although they use some expensive and famous skin care products, their skin has not been good, and even appear such as large pores, dark yellow and dull. May I take a look at these basic skin care knowledge, do you have any mistakes? 1. Skin care products are not about expensive, but on the right! According to each person’s different skin

characteristics, choose the appropriate skin care products. Especially in the season changing period, skin care products can be appropriately changed according to the needs of skin. 2. If you want to learn skin care, first learn to wash your face. Washing face is not only to reduce the dirt attached to the skin surface, but also to enhance the absorption of follow-up care products. 3. Wash your face gently and gently to avoid over cleaning. 4. The face towel replaced on time is cleaner and hygienic than towel. Long term use of the towel is easy to breed bacteria, so that the skin hidden small problems, such as frequent closed mouth, acne and so on. 5. Sunscreen is not exclusive to summer. You should do a good job of sunscreen every day throughout the year to reduce the ultraviolet radiation, which makes the skin aging earlier and keep the skin healthy. 6. Do not frequently exfoliate, protect the skin surface. Especially sensitive muscle girls, exfoliation may make their skin more and more sensitive and fragile. 7. Apply the mask regularly. Too frequent application of mask, the skin can not fully absorb the nutrition of the mask, resulting in “excess nutrition” of the skin, and 1-2 times a week to apply the mask, can add moisture to the skin,

replenishment and moisturizing. 8. The choice of skin care products should be suitable for their own age. Young people should not choose skin care products for mature muscles. Although some infant skin care products are mild and non irritating, they may not meet the daily maintenance needs of adult skin. 9. Make up removal should be in place. Now there are some facial cleansers that claim to be able to remove make-up on the market. However, it is suggested that girls should take off makeup steps no matter how lazy they are. They should choose professional makeup remover or Makeup Remover Cream to deeply clean up the makeup and dirt in the skin texture and reduce the skin burden. 10. After skin care, massage in circles to promote absorption. 11. If girls are sensitive muscles, the choice of skin care should be gentle and non irritating, while some skin care products with whitening and acne removing functions should be used cautiously. 12. Do not squeeze acne with your hands, because the bacteria left on your hands are easy to infect the acne, which may leave scars. 13. Skin care starts with replenishing water.

The appearance of dry lines on girls’ face is mostly due to the lack of water, and moisturizing is also very important. 14. Don’t use too hot water to wash your face in winter. It is easy to damage the skin barrier, resulting in unbalanced oil secretion. 15. Keep enough sleep, sleep a “beauty sleep”, improve the skin condition. Good skin everyone wants, might as well compare these 15 skin care tips, but don’t step on thunder!

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