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As a sports power, China has the absolute strength to win the championship in many sports. When it comes to dominance, it must be national table tennis. Chinese table tennis is a super overlord in the world, and many world champions have been born. And these athletes who have won honor for our country are also our pride. The one we want to talk about today, however, was expelled from the national team at the peak, which is very sad. In the eyes of Olympic champion Wang Nan, she is like this: “her strength and potential are obvious to all. From my understanding of her, I think she is the most promising player to become the future leader of Chinese women’s singles. &She is Guo Yue. She was born in Liaoning Province in 1988. He started to contact table tennis at the age of 6, and was selected by the national team at the age of 14 after being selected by the provincial sports school in only two years. Her extraordinary talent and her own efforts have made her rapid progress. Before the Doha world table tennis championships in 2004, the coach team temporarily decided to let Guo Yue take the place of Guo Yan. It was that bold decision that opened Guo Yue’s brilliant career. She made it to the finals and beat Zhang Rui to become the youngest world champion in the history of Chinese table tennis. Guo Yue was only 16 years old that year, and this record has been kept up to now. After winning the world championship, young Guo Yue has become a new star in the world table tennis field, and is also the focus of the national team training. And she also continued her strong performance, many times in the competition achieved good results. Until the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, she won her first Olympic gold medal with the national team. Since then, he has successfully defended the women’s team champion at the 2012 London Olympic Games. After Wang Nan, Kong Linghui and Wang Liqin, she is also the fourth great star to play in the Olympic Games three times. But after the London Olympic Games, with the influence of injury, Guo Yue’s competitive state declined, and he failed several times in a row. It was at this time that Shi Zhihao, the head coach at that time, privately said that Guo Yue’s cultural level was not enough, his thought was not broad enough, and he did not seek progress. Because of this, he began to abandon Guo Yue. In 2014, Guo Yue returned from the national team to the provincial team. Guo Yue, who was called out of the national team at her peak, was disappointed, so she retired soon after. In 2015, Guo Yue posted an admission notice on his micro blog, which was the admission notice of Tsinghua University Financial MBA. Guo Yue must have made a lot of efforts to be admitted by such an institution of higher learning. And such a notice also slapped the face and said that he had no cultural coach. Now, Guo Yue has a new life and wishes the world champion a happy life in the future

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