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In the dry autumn, we not only need to use good skin care products, but also use the body milk to maintain the body skin! If your face is very white, but your arms and legs are sunburnt in summer, the skin color is stratified, and the skin is also dry and peeling, so people really can’t like the contrast. You should also want to improve such a state?

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Each of us attaches great importance to the face. After washing the face every day, there is a series of skin care procedures. You must apply sunscreen when you go out. However, we often neglect other parts of the body. This leads to our face bright and white, but our body is very dark, especially now it is not as good as autumn It’s embarrassing to be skinny. So good body milk should be used. Xiaobian has tried a lot of body milk and got some good ones. Take a look at these “popular body milk” with you. Take advantage of the low price, use it early to make your skin white. Whitening and Nourishing Body Milk As one of the popular body milk, it’s much cheaper than you think, but the whitening ability is much better than many famous body milk. Besides the main whitening effect, whitening and nourishing facial cleanser is particularly moist after wiping, and gets up a little bit the next morning I can’t do it. Its flavor is a light milk flavor.

After the small knitting is finished, she feels that she is a fragrant fairy. She doesn’t need perfume to go out on the second day. Coupled with its nourishment and nutrition, it comes from plants. It is more tender to use. It is known that the Fruit Body Moisturizing Body Milk is made from fruit acid and moisturizing body milk. We know that the ingredients in this body milk are extracted from fruit, which is a faint sweet orange smell. It is fresh and looks very ordinary. But after finishing, there is a sense of perfume. Otherwise, it will not become one of the high popularity of body milk, fruit acid moisturizing body emulsion is sparse, so it is very good to wipe, wipe is also not feel tired at all, second days also won’t skin, some fruit acid also make keratin soft and skin bright effect. And a large bottle, and relatively cheap, as early as autumn,

you can use it. Frosted to chicken skin body milk, arms and legs have chicken skin, is also a lot of women are very sad, so in autumn and winter to choose body milk, you can try to scrub to chicken skin body milk. Frosted body milk, which contains some of the chicken skin particles extracted from plants, through massage, etc., the penetration of nutrients in the body milk of frosted chicken skin can soften the cuticle and make the skin brighter. Its taste is a faint fragrance of flowers, so most fairies will like it. Although there are frosted particles, the particles are very small. When the particles are rubbed, they will not feel any pain at all. On the contrary,

they are very comfortable. They are also directly beneficial to the blood circulation of the arms and legs. In a word, frosted body milk is suitable for girls with chicken skin and uneven skin color! There are many popular body milk, but these are super large bottles, and it’s OK for a family to use them. After all, it’s very cheap. You don’t feel reluctant to use it, so you can try to have a look earlier, so that the skin of this autumn and winter body can be white and tender. Today Amway here more ~ if you like, you can pay attention to Xiaobian~

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