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I often see people sending me private messages backstage, asking me about some itching and pain in my privacy, asking what’s going on. To tell you the truth, I receive too many messages every day, so some messages never come and reply. So don’t miss the opportunity for timely medical examination in order to wait for my reply. Here, I would like to remind my friends, if your private part pain lasts for a long time,

武汉梦巴黎女子spa ,武汉男士spa有插图

vulva stubborn itchy incomparable or some hard nodules and other abnormal situation, do not ask me what happened, go to the hospital directly! Go to the hospital! Only go to the hospital for examination, can you know exactly what is going on, you must remember ah. The hospital may not be able to completely solve your problem, but it is the best choice to analyze your problem and find the right medicine. In fact, if it is under normal circumstances similar to vaginitis normal: leucorrhea abnormalities, vulva pruritus and other mild conditions, it can be slowed down for observation.

I’m afraid that if you procrastinate, you will suffer from vulvar cancer, because female vulvar cancer grows slowly, and most of them have precancerous lesions. Mastering the characteristics of pre cancer and early detection is helpful to diagnosis and treatment. Whether there are leukoplakia of vulva or not between vulva and anus, especially the kind of skin shrinkage and thickening, red at first, and then gray white, is precancerous lesions. However, should be distinguished from vitiligo, vitiligo for pink white spots, skin luster without other abnormalities. Whether there is small nodule hyperplasia, oneself can touch big labia, clitoris and other parts whether there are small nodules. If painless small nodules are found, the possibility of vulvar cancer should be noted. There are many reasons, such as trichomonal vaginitis, candidal vaginitis,

pubic lice and so on. If the common treatment is ineffective, and the cause of the serious refractory vulvar itching, it should be considered whether there is the possibility of cancer. As long as one of the above three items is found, it is necessary to go to the hospital for detailed examination in time; if the three items exist at the same time, the possibility of vulvar cancer is relatively large. The main symptoms of vulvar cancer are nodules and masses in the vulva. Often accompanied by a history of pain or itching. Some patients with vulvar ulcer, prolonged healing, advanced patients with purulent or bloody secretions increased, pain in urine and other discomfort. So if you suffer from

gynecological diseases for a long time, don’t think it’s always repeated that you don’t want to be treated. This is the fuse that leads to the canceration of the body. If you don’t pay attention to the sanitation of vulva, the vulva has become a place where filth is hidden, which is also the stimulating factor leading to vulvar cancer. Usually in daily life should pay attention to healthy diet, light taste, enhance their immunity, pay attention to their own vulva maintenance, often clean, if not adapt to the hospital as soon as possible for diagnosis.

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