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Now many families are only children. They love their children in every way. They can give their children what they want to eat. It seems that as long as the children are happy, everything will do. This way of overindulgence often harms children. Many foods are unhealthy. If children eat, they will affect


their growth and development. If parents really love their children, they should help them avoid foods that will damage their children’s physical development. Fried food fried food is the most popular food for teenagers. French fries, fried chicken legs and fried string are all loved by children. But is it healthy to eat fried food? Research shows that fried food is extremely unfavorable to children’s growth and development. After high-temperature frying, the nutritional elements in the food are seriously damaged,

thus hindering the human body’s absorption and utilization of food nutrition. The fat content of fried food is high, not easy to digest, easy to cause children’s obesity. In addition, many fried food safety and health is not up to standard, children eat more prone to diarrhea, vomiting, and even stomach disease. Chocolate, candy, such as chocolate, candy, cake and other high sugar foods, the most obvious problem for children to eat too much is that they will damage their teeth. Nowadays, many children have tooth decay at a very young age, which will affect their appetite. Children eat too much chocolate will make the nerve in a state of excitement for a long time, affecting the quality of his sleep. Moreover, candy is an acid food without calcium. After a child eats a lot of sugar, he will consume the calcium in his body, leading to calcium deficiency and affecting bone development. In addition, regular eating foods with high sugar content can lead to obesity and poor eyesight.

Over season fruit is fruit, as the name implies, is not the season, non natural mature fruit. In order to facilitate transportation and storage, fruit growers and vendors often take the fruits that are about to mature in advance, and then use ethylene to ripen them before sale. Children eating off season fruits will affect their growth and development. As the saying goes, “medicine is toxic in three parts” and “food supplement is better than medicine”. Any regulatory effect of health products is based on the premise of destroying the original growth rules. Children are just the critical period of growth.

Their health comes from the daily reasonable diet and good work and rest habits. As long as he does not choose to eat a particular food and eat all kinds of nutrients, then he can get enough nutrients for growth. It is suggested that parents should not believe too much Exaggerated false propaganda, so as not to give children to eat harmful health care products. Parents’ love for their children is the most selfless and greatest. However, parents should love their children in the right way. Overindulgence and arrogance will only harm the children.

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