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1. Chocolate no matter what the taste of chocolate, it is high calorie, high sugar, high fat food, can not match high sugar soda or juice. Eating chocolate with a cup of hot tea is a good choice. Tea can absorb the oil in chocolate and reduce the possibility of accumulation. 2. The daily intake of monosodium glutamate per person should not exceed 6G.


Excessive intake will increase the content of glutamic acid in the blood. Limiting the use of calcium and magnesium can cause short-term headache, panic, nausea and other symptoms, and cause side effects of the human reproductive system. 3. Canned food, whether canned fruit or meat, has been destroyed in large quantities, especially vitamins. In addition, the protein in canned products is often denatured, which greatly reduces its digestibility and absorption, and reduces its nutritional value;.

At the same time, due to high energy, there is a risk of obesity. 4. Sunflower seeds sunflower seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids. If you eat more, you will consume a lot of choline, which will lead to the disorder of fat metabolism in the body. I hope you will pay attention to the adjustment method. Besides, we should also pay attention to nursing problems. In order to get rid of chocolate and monosodium glutamate, we must eat less of these foods in our life, effectively defend them, and take more rest. We should not blindly diet to avoid bringing more nutrition

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