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武汉夜生活网“”What is the time between suction tanks

As a kind of traditional Chinese medicine therapy, can be very good health care, can also cure many diseases. However, many people think that the longer the time is, the better. If they don’t know the time requirement, there is a lot of attention. It is not the longer the pull, the better. Improper use will backfire. The following small editor introduces the size, material and negative pressure of the fire tank. But usually suitable for flash from point to tank less than 10 minutes.

Because the main principle of cupping is negative pressure, not time. If the negative pressure is large, pull the can too long until blisters, which will not only damage the skin, but also cause skin infection. The time for the elderly to pull out the can should be controlled at 15 minutes, which is the most healthy. Fire can have a broad mass base because it is simple and effective in daily home health care, especially for the elderly. However, due to the insensitivity of the elderly population and the particularity of many basic diseases, the time of drawing fire can be most suitable for 10-15 minutes, which is the best treatment effect of the disease. When pulling the can, do not clamp the alcohol cotton ball with pliers, but use bleeding forceps. Old people’s movement coordination is poor, even has Parkinson’s disease,

cardiovascular sequelae of the hand shaking symptoms, in clamping things have been hard, a little loose will fall off. When bleeding with a special bite structure to clamp alcohol cotton ball, only a little force is needed to clamp the cotton ball and maintain this state. When pulling out the fire tank for the elderly, pay attention not to pull the can for too long. This is because of the poor tolerance of the elderly, the time of cupping should not be too long, and it is appropriate to take 10 to 15 minutes. The correct way is to hold the jar on the thumb of the left hand and right hand,

and press the food downward on the skin of the mouth of the jar. When the negative pressure of the tank disappears, the jar will not be pulled out. The above is the introduction of time pull tank, we know how to control time. In addition to drawing the fire when you can, cotton ball should also be carefully selected, should choose the round, so as to avoid touching the inner wall of the bottle mouth burn to the patient. In addition, it is not suitable to pull the cupping in the same place, which is harmful to the skin.

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