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Traditional scraping therapy

Scraping has a history of more than 2000 years in our country. It uses certain appliances to get the corresponding lubricating fluid, and then repeatedly scrapes on the surface of the human body through specific methods, so as to discharge the body waste to the superficial surface of the skin, which is what people call “scrapping”, and ultimately plays the role of improving physical fitness and treating diseases. After a long time of research and development, scraping is divided into traditional scraping therapy and modern scraping therapy.


Today I would like to introduce to you the traditional scraping therapy. Traditional scraping therapy traditional scraping tools: copper coins and other metal utensils, tea cups and other porcelain, cotton yarn and other biological products. Traditional scraping parts: neck, back, chest and abdomen, cubital fossa and Yueguo fossa. Traditional scraping medium: liangbaikai, sesame oil, etc. The operation process of traditional scraping: expose the parts that need scraping and disinfect them as much as possible. Then use scraping tools to dip appropriate amount of scraping medium and scrape the parts that need scraping repeatedly until the skin surface shows black purple congestion. These black and purple substances are called Sha. The therapeutic effect of traditional scraping therapy: 1. Traditional scraping can promote the blood circulation process of human body through the effect of pressure, so as to relieve muscle tension and relieve muscle tension. These operations can help the body to promote blood

circulation and remove blood stasis, and promote the body to generate new healthy blood. 2. Adjust Yin and Yang. Traditional Chinese medicine pays more attention to the balance of yin and Yang. Some symptoms of imbalance of yin and yang can be improved by scraping. For example, some people with hyperactivity of intestinal peristalsis can inhibit the process of intestinal peristalsis by scraping on the back; people with slow intestinal peristalsis can also speed up the peristalsis speed of intestinal tract by scraping. So scraping can balance yin and Yang. 3. Dredge the muscles and collaterals.

Traditional scraping therapy can effectively relieve muscle tension and improve muscle spasm. The pain in many parts of the body is caused by muscle strain and tension for a long time. Traditional scraping therapy can relax muscle tissue and improve the process of muscle tension, so as to relieve the pain on the body and achieve the purpose of relaxing tendons and unblocking collaterals, so as to avoid and recover all kinds of pain. The above is the related content of traditional scraping therapy. I hope you can treat this therapy blindly. It is not a cure for all diseases. Blind and improper scraping operation will only cause harm to yourself.

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