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武汉夜生活网:武汉 男士spa

武汉夜生活网:武汉 男士spa

She has been working for 20 years, as always, patient and careful, making nursing more warm

When it comes to Bao Xianqin in Taizhou district of Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, patients often give a thumbs up. Her patient and careful working attitude is impressive. She has been in internal medicine, orthopedics and emergency department for 20 years. As head nurse of oncology department, Bao Xianqin combined narrative nursing with management, which not only healed patients and enabled them to actively cooperate with treatment, but also cared about nurses so that they could better participate in medical work. In 2009, Bao Xianqin was assigned to the Department of oncology. Different from the previous departments, here, she saw the process of the decline of fresh life. “My days in the Department of oncology have taught me that as a medical staff, we can only try our best, but can not make any 100% guarantee.

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We need to learn to accept the life and death of patients.” Said Bao Xianqin. But in the face of life and death, it will still touch the softest part of Bao Xianqin’s heart. Last year, a 30-year-old mother lived in the ward. Her child was only four or five years old. The mother was in advanced stage of lung cancer and her condition deteriorated rapidly. In just a few months, the patient’s life is coming to an end. Bao Xianqin watched helplessly, but could not help anything. She felt very helpless in her heart. When sending the dying patient home, Bao Xianqin heard the child’s heartrending cry, and she was also weeping. “I am a mother myself, and I love this child very much. Facing life and death, let me learn to cherish life more and love life Said Bao Xianqin. From a patient’s point of view, every morning from 9:00 to 11:30 is often Bao Xianqin’s busiest time, taking blood pressure, blood sugar and temperature One thing after another. In order to save time, Bao Xianqin even developed the habit of not drinking water in the morning, because sometimes a busy up, there is no time to go to the toilet. On several occasions, she suffered from bleeding from urination for too long. For a while, there were more patients to be cared for in the ward. She was supposed to leave work at 12:00 p.m. and would be busy until 2:00 p.m. After finishing her work, she found that her hair was dripping with sweat. Although the work is busy, the recognition of patients and their families is the driving force for Bao Xianqin to persist. Not long ago,

a family member of a patient found her. Family members said that his father had passed away, but before he died, he asked him to come to the hospital to say thanks. She vaguely remembered the old man, whose blood vessels were very thin, and it took a long time to find a needle every time. And he trusted Bao Xianqin very much, and always liked to appoint her to play a little bit every time. In the eyes of patients, Bao Xianqin is patient and careful. She often communicates with people and considers problems from the perspective of patients.

n the ward lived a grandfather with advanced lung cancer. He did not cooperate with the treatment, and his temper was not very good. He often got angry with the people around him. Bao Xianqin tries to talk to him more in his usual time. Before long, they got to know each other. At this time, she realized that the grandfather felt that his illness could not be cured and wanted to save more money for his family. From then on, Bao Xianqin would often enlighten and encourage his grandfather. Now, my grandfather’s mood has stabilized a lot and his cooperation has become higher. Integrating narrative medicine into management. In 2014, Bao Xianqin became the head nurse of oncology department. Facing the whole team, she felt the burden on her shoulders was heavy.

Bao Xianqin tried to integrate narrative nursing into nursing management, and helped nurses face work and family better by listening to the stories behind their work. Xiaoye is a junior nurse who has just come back to work from maternity leave. She works actively and carefully. Although she is a little timid and does things slowly, everyone likes her very much. When she first came back to work, she was happy every day, but after more than a month, she became sullen and sometimes irritable. Later, Bao Xianqin found that the monthly nursing quality inspection made Xiaoye feel stressed and even scared, which had affected her normal work and life. Bao Xianqin opens the small leaf,

the face inspection does not have to be too nervous, to correct the existing deficiencies, can make the work more standardized. Proper fear and pressure can urge one to keep learning and improving. The seemingly simple chat has helped Xiaoye eliminate the “fear” in his heart, and his working and living conditions have gradually changed. “Only by listening to the heart of the nurses can we accompany them through their work difficulties and change their attitude towards things.” Said Bao Xianqin.

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