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Chinses angelica

We must all know that there are many effects and functions of Angelica sinensis. Today, I’ll take a look at the specific effects and functions of Angelica with you? At the same time, although Angelica sinensis is good, it can also have side effects, so we should pay attention to caution in daily application! Make good use of Angelica sinensis! The study on the effect of Angelica sinensis on uterine smooth muscle showed that the volatile oil of Angelica sinensis had direct inhibitory effect on the uterus of rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, dogs and other animals without pregnancy, early pregnancy, late pregnancy and postpartum, and the rhythmic contraction gradually decreased to disappear,

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showing a relaxation state. It can also resist the uterine contraction caused by pituitrin, histamine, epinephrine and acetylcholine. 2. The results showed that Angelica Decoction or volatile oil in roots and leaves could significantly inhibit the contractile frequency of myocardium, prolong the refractory period of isolated rabbit atrium, and have therapeutic effect on atrial fibrillation induced by acetylcholine or current in anesthetized cats and dogs. 3. After oral administration of Angelica Sinensis Decoction to rats of blood and cardiovascular system, the blood clotting time was prolonged, the thrombus was reduced and the growth rate of thrombus was slowed down. Angelica sinensis 4 has protective effect on digestive system and liver injury caused by acute carbon tetrachloride poisoning in mice; it can alleviate fibrosis and promote recovery of liver cell function to a certain extent on chronic liver damage. Respiratory system: angelica extract has a good effect on chronic tracheitis complicated with emphysema and cor pulmonale in early or remission stage. After medication, it can significantly improve pulmonary ventilation function and recover physical strength. 5. The results showed that Angelica sinensis and its extract sodium ferulate and angelica polysaccharide could stimulate the monocyte macrophage system and regulate and recover the immune function of the body with low immune function. Angelica can also promote lymphocyte transformation in healthy people. 6. Anti inflammatory effect: n-butyrolactone and phenyllactone from Angelica sinensis can relax the smooth muscle of trachea and antagonize the asthma caused by histamine acetylcholine. 7. Angelica can be widely used in all kinds of tumors, especially in gynecological tumors, especially in those with stagnation of Qi and blood and blood stasis. Angelica sinensis can also be used in the treatment of advanced cancer with blood deficiency and emaciation, or the patients with weak healthy qi after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

8. Antibacterial effect Angelica Decoction has mild inhibitory effect on Escherichia coli, typhoid and paratyphoid bacilli, dysentery bacillus, proteus bacillus and Diphtheria Bacillus in vitro. 9. In addition to free radicals, ferulic acid in Angelica sinensis has anti lipid peroxidation effect, can directly eliminate free radicals, inhibit oxidation and free radical reactions, and can combine with biofilm phospholipids, protect membrane lipids and antagonize the damage of free radicals to tissues.

10. Anti aging anti aging Angelica Decoction has a significant effect on learning and memory in mice. Using the labyrinth method, angelica can improve dementia caused by aluminum chloride, reduce the level of lipid peroxide in the brain of mice with dementia, and the activity of B monoamine oxidation, so that it can treat Alzheimer’s disease. Danggui 11, sodium ferulate and angelica polysaccharide in the aqueous extract of Angelica sinensis can significantly promote the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells, so they have anti anemia effect. 12. It is also used in surgery for removing blood stasis and detumescence in the swelling stage and nourishing blood and generating muscle in the ulcer stage. The side effects of Angelica 1. If the dosage is too large, such as Angelica flow extract, it may have fatigue, drowsiness and other reactions after taking it.

Although it can disappear after stopping the medicine, it can not be used too much. 2. Allergic reaction, some angelica injection point injection may cause anaphylactic shock, we should pay special attention to it. 3. Improper use of drugs, when belonging to the sweet, warm, moist tonic, hot bleeding prohibited. Warm block full and loose stool discharge should be taken with caution. 4, do not take the essential oil of angelica, because it has a small amount of carcinogenic substances. Angelica 5, chronic diarrhea or abdominal distension patients should not take angelica. 6. Angelica should not be taken during pregnancy. 7. Angelica sinensis is not suitable for children. Conclusion: after seeing the effect and function of the above-mentioned angelica, we must be surprised at the magic charm of Chinese medicine. At the same time, I sincerely hope that these knowledge can really help everyone!

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