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武汉嫩茶会:Championship group: Teixeira scored Kaldek equalized,Chongqing 1-1 Suning

Championship group: Teixeira scored Kaldek equalized,Chongqing 1-1 Suning


News on October 19th at 19:35 Beijing time,In the 2020 season, the 15th round of the Chinese Football Super League will start a match.Chongqing Modern vs. Jiangsu Suning.In the first half,Teixeira scored a low shot,Li Ang’s header threatened.In the second half,Gu Chao rescued many times in front of the door,Jiang Zhe corner kick assisted Kaldek header to equalize the score.The game is over,Chongqing Modern 1-1 Jiangsu Suning.

In terms of starting,Chongqing team Marcinho controls the midfielder,Sirino and Caldek top the front line.As for the Suning team,Gu Chao guarded the goal,Wu Xi, Teixeira and Edel all made their debut.In terms of referees,The referee in charge of the game is Zhang Lei.

In the second minute,Xie Pengfei took a free kick into the penalty area.Zhou Yun headed for the goal.The ball hit Cyrino’s back and bounced off the baseline.5 minutes,Xie Pengfei passed the ball in the front court,The ball fell into the penalty area and hit Liu Huan’s head, changing direction and flying towards the goal.Deng Xiaofei didn’t dare to neglect his side flutter to receive the ball.

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7 minutes,Xie Pengfei passed the ball to the left of the front court.Luo Jingwai stopped the ball and accidentally cut the willow for his teammates.Teixeira rounded and shot low with his right foot.Deng Xiaofei fell to the ground and made a save. Although he touched the ball, he was still unable to recover.The ball went straight into the net,0-1,Jiangsu Suning made a fantastic start.

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26 minutes,Take advantage of corner kicks,Li Ang headed the ball in the penalty area and missed the ball.

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38 minutes,During this period, the players from both sides competed fiercely in the midfield.Offensive and defensive transitions are also more frequent.Neither can create a substantial scoring opportunity.

42 minutes,Li Ang hits the goal directly from a long free kick,The ball flies to the goal against the turf,Deng Xiaofei stood in front of the door and easily put the ball into the bag.

At the end of the half game,Chongqing Modern 0-1 Jiangsu Suning.

In the second half,In the 50th minute,Edel sent a cross from the right front,Zhou Yun then inserted the ball and exploded and set off the anti-aircraft gun.52 minutes,Jiang Zhe made a 45-degree cross from the right in the front field,Kaldeck pressured Abdulheim to head the goal in the penalty area.Gu Chao responded quickly and fell to the ground to block the ball from the baseline.

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55 minutes,Edel crossed from the left in the penalty area,Teixeira suddenly stretched out a kick near the penalty spot.The ball hit Teixeira’s foot and slid out after a slight refraction.

61 minutes,Yuan Mincheng fouled in the backcourt.Suning team got a free kick opportunity,Edel took the penalty and hit the goal directly,The ball is slightly higher than the crossbar.71 minutes,Liu Huan started the ball from the left front and passed in.Kaldeck leaped high and shook his head to attack the goal in the middle of the penalty area.Gu Chao played steadily and once again rejected the goal.

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73 minutes,Jiang Zhe took a right corner kick,In the penalty area, Caldek pressed Miranda behind him to complete a high-quality header again.This time the ball went directly through the goal.Gu Chao could only look at the ball and sigh.1-1,Chongqing Contemporary equalized the score.

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