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武汉夜生活论坛:What are the methods of psychological decompression for college entrance examination candidates

What are the methods of psychological decompression for college entrance examination candidates

As we all know, 武汉夜生活论坛the college entrance examination is a major event for every examinee. Every examinee studies day and night for this moment. The examinee must keep a relaxed mood to accept the college entrance examination, because this mentality can play a better level in the college entrance examination.

The annual national college entrance examination will be held soon. The coming high altitude will make most candidates feel great pressure, which will lead to the abnormal performance of the test, poor performance or fainting when some candidates just enter the examination room. These situations happen every year, so it is very important to reduce pressure for the examinees before the examination. Today, the online editor of health preservation will come to the candidates who are about to take the college entrance examination I hope it will be good for you.

1. Diet decompression

Diet therapy includes two aspects. On the one hand, it means that scientific and reasonable diet can ensure the physical health of candidates, and provide sufficient material and nutritional basis for examinees’ excessive mental work. This is the examinee reduces the physiological guarantee of psychological pressure. On the other hand, studies have shown that some foods can directly reduce people’s psychological pressure, and some foods can also improve our acceptance ability and work efficiency, making our thinking more agile and concentrating.

Here are five kinds of decompression food for candidates

1. Milk

Calcium is a natural nervous system stabilizer. Therefore, candidates should pay attention to the choice of high calcium milk, yogurt, shrimp skin, egg yolk and other high calcium food, which has the effect of stabilizing mood.

2. Banana

Banana contains a substance, can help human brain produce 5-hydroxytryptamine, promote people’s mood become peaceful, happy, make the mood become happy. The potassium rich in banana can maintain the balance of electrolyte and acid-base metabolism of human body, maintain the normal excitability of neuromuscular, coordinate the contractive and diastolic functions of myocardium, and keep the blood pressure in a normal state. In addition, banana contains a large amount of magnesium has the effect of eliminating fatigue and relieving tension. For the students preparing for the exam, eating bananas often can relieve their tense mood and stabilize their mentality.

3. Tomatoes and oranges

In the tense environment before the examination, the examinee will consume about 8 times more vitamin C than usual when they are under certain psychological pressure. The main sources of vitamin C are fresh vegetables and fruits, and citrus fruits and tomatoes are the best sources of vitamin C.

4. Millet porridge

Millet is rich in amino acids and other high-quality proteins, various minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin A, nicotinic acid, thiamine, carotene, etc. Many nutritionists regard B vitamins as decompression agents, which can regulate endocrine, balance emotions and relax nerves.

5. Black tea

Black tea can reduce the body’s stress hormone secretion level. Drinking black tea every day is conducive to relieving nerves. When you feel stressed out, a cup of black tea will refresh you, scientists say.

2. Exercise decompression

Scientific arrangement of life, physical labor and mental work organic combination, work and rest can help to reduce pressure, timely eliminate fatigue, but also can effectively divert the attention of candidates. For the long-term and high-intensity mental work, we should carry out beneficial and appropriate sports to reduce the tension. In view of the tight time before the examination, candidates should learn to grasp the gap time for physical exercise. Such as in the study of the interval time can be extended waist, kick legs, do deep breathing and other small activities.

3. Transfer decompression

Examinees can transfer their left and right brain thinking independently. Therefore, candidates should cross study arts and science. The preliminary research of brain science shows that the thinking activities of liberal arts and science are responsible by the division of labor between the left and right brain. In this way, the cross learning of Arts and science can make the left and right brain move in turn. This transfer can not only reduce the fatigue of the brain, but also improve the learning efficiency.

4. Environmental decompression

Parents should help examinees to reduce pressure and avoid learning topics as much as possible, so as not to exert pressure again. Play with your children more, encourage them more, and listen to their voices.

5. Sleep decompression

Adequate sleep is the premise to ensure the examinee’s energy, mental comfort and balance. To ensure that candidates have enough quality sleep is a necessary condition to reduce their psychological pressure and improve their learning efficiency. The family should create a quiet rest environment for the children. Secondly, for the lack of sleep time and excessive physical and mental fatigue before the examination, candidates should have multiple periods of sleep. It has been proved by the personal experience of many scientists, such as Einstein, that multi period rest is an effective way to regulate excessive tension for people with excessive mental work.

For insomniac examinees, on the one hand, they should actively adjust their mentality and reduce the psychological pressure caused by insomnia. In fact, insomnia and psychological pressure often have a vicious interaction. On the other hand, we should make scientific arrangements for life and establish regular daily life to overcome insomnia. At the same time, we can also take some measures on diet, such as drinking half a cup of thick milk before going to bed is helpful to sleep.

The above introduction hope to help candidates, I wish you success in the college entrance examination!

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