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汉阳全套饼子店2020:Southern Capital: lack of Golat and Zhang Chengdong,Evergrande eliminates China Fortune插图

汉阳全套饼子店2020:Southern Capital: lack of Golat and Zhang Chengdong,Evergrande eliminates China Fortune

Southern Capital: lack of Golat and Zhang Chengdong,Evergrande eliminates China Fortune


October 20 News recently,”Southern Metropolis Daily” wrote an analysis and pointed out thatEvergrande eliminated the lack of major generals in Huaxia Happiness.

October 16 to 19,In the second stage of the Chinese Super League, the relegation group and the championship group have played a total of 8 games in the first round of the first round of confrontation.On the afternoon of the 19th,Guangzhou R&F and Qingdao Huanghai handed in a blank paper.

R&F is the 6th in Group A,The points in the first stage are also 5 points higher than Qingdao Huanghai, who is 7th in Group B.The draw in the first round was not satisfactory to R&F.But if you look at the results of other games,It would feel normal for a tie.The second-stage knockout system of the Chinese Super League formulated due to the epidemic,It seems to make the teams more evenly distributed.

Except that Guangzhou Evergrande won Hebei China Fortune 3-1,In the 8 games of the first round,The other seven teams that had the upper hand on the board failed to win.

Although the Dalianers in Group A have lower points than Shijiazhuang Yongchang in Group B,But Dalian takes advantage of the home court,The lineup is also highly regarded,But the first round was reversed by Yongchang.

Compared with Shenzhen Kaisa, Wuhan Zall, and Dalian who all lost in the first round,Guangzhou R&F was able to get a tie,Not bad.Judging from the progress of the game,R&F’s control over the game is better than that of its opponents,Adrian, who played for the Chongqing team in the first half of the season, has fully entered the state.But Zivkovic still needs time to adapt to the rhythm of the Super League.

There were so many results in the first round of the first round knockout round,To some extent, it shows that the strength of the Super League teams is not very different.The rhythm of the cup matches is different from the league,The length of the league will highlight the gap in the thickness of the lineup between the teams.Cup training and formations are more targeted,Easy to keep the team focused.

Among the three teams in the Greater Bay Area,Evergrande’s promotion to the semi-finals has no suspense.Hebei Huaxia Fortune lacked Gao Lat and Zhang Chengdong,Can’t compete with Evergrande.For deep foot,The second round of the game is difficult,It takes at least 2 goals to win TEDA to drag the game into overtime.Dai Weijun’s return from injury can improve the conversion efficiency of the midfielder.But John Mali is not physically strong enough to play 90 minutes of games.This is the biggest trouble.Guangzhou R&F can succeed in relegation early as long as they win.The team should have no psychological pressure.

(Edit: Yao Fan)