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武汉男人夜生活网: What kind of food can college entrance examination candidates take to invigorate their brain

What kind of food can college entrance examination candidates eat to invigorate the brain?

What kind of food should college entrance examination candidates eat? The entrance examination in 2019 is coming soon. Many candidates and parents are beginning to be nervous and under great pressure. We all know that one month before the college entrance examination, examinees are very brain intensive. Therefore, parents should give candidates more food to refresh their brains. How should examinees refresh their brains during the college entrance examination?

In the sprint stage, the most needed nutrients for examinees are DHA, lecithin and vitamin B. most of these nutrients can be obtained from daily food materials. Parents don’t need to buy health care products for examinees, because health products are not suitable for all students. In case of rejection before the test, it will be a big trouble. Therefore, it is the best choice to use qingbu and dietotherapy instead of medicament.

There are many sources of nutrition for a day. Parents must remember to match meat and vegetable products, such as bean products, milk, eggs, vegetables and fruits. Daily intake of some eggs, lean meat, animal liver, milk, fish, soybeans and their products.

Sardine DHA is mainly found in marine fish. Parents can let their children eat some deep-sea fish or collocation some fish oil health products. DHA fish contain tuna, mackerel, sardines, tuna, saury and hairtail. The & alpha; – linolenic acid in walnut, almond, peanut, sesame and other nut foods can also be converted into DHA in human body.

Before the college entrance examination, you should also eat more green or orange vegetables and fruits. Because these foods are rich in carotene, cellulose and so on, the effect of gastrointestinal peristalsis is good. Parents can also prepare some sweet water, such as job’s tears and red bean soup, or iced mung bean soup during the period of candidates " burning the midnight oil ".

Recommended recipes for invigorating brain in college entrance examination

1. Diced chicken with lotus seeds

Materials: 250g chicken breast, 60g lotus seed, 10g mushroom, 10g ham, egg white, starch and seasoning.

Methods: dice chicken breast, mix with egg white and starch; soak mushrooms and ham into small diamond shaped pieces; remove lotus seeds and steam. First stir fry the diced chicken in the oil pan until it is ripe, drain the oil, add lotus seeds, mushrooms, ham and some seasonings, stir fry a few times out of the pot, then serve with meals.

Efficacy: Invigorating the spleen and kidney, nourishing the heart and strengthening the body. It is suitable for the examinees who work too hard, suffer from mental fatigue, and have a dull diet.

2. Steamed perch

Ingredients: perch; scallion and ginger; cooking wine, steamed fish soy sauce and salt.

Practice: when cleaning up the fish, the spine of the fish can be cut to prevent the overall deformation of the fish due to the contraction of the fish bone after steaming. Spread the fish evenly with cooking wine and a little salt for a while, sprinkle shredded ginger. The shredded scallion is also evenly spread on the fish (fish belly and mouth as well as under the fish body should be added). After boiling the water in the steamer, put the fish in the pot. Steam for 6-7 minutes, turn off the heat, and then use the residual temperature in the pot & amp; virtual steam & amp; for 5-8 minutes, then take out the pot immediately. Mix the steamed fish and soy sauce with proper amount of water and bring to a boil. Pour out the water in the plate and pour the hot seasoning into the plate. Sprinkle shredded green onion. Finally, heat the oil and pour it on the fish. Sprinkle it with chopped red pepper and decorate it.

Efficacy: in addition to carp and grass carp, whether sea fish or freshwater fish, their fat contains a certain amount of EPA, DHA. In particular, the content of DHA in muscle fat of Lateolabrax japonicus was the highest among all tested samples.

3. Fried Spinach with shrimp sauce and vermicelli

Ingredients: 200g vermicelli, 300g spinach, 50g shrimp sauce, 75g egg, 15g scallion, 15g ginger, 20g vegetable oil, 3GG salt, 2G chicken essence, 2G pepper.

Methods: cut vermicelli into 6cm long sections, control the water content; wash the red root spinach, slice the cross knife edge at the root, and put oil and water once. Add eggs and pepper into shrimp sauce, stir fry in oil; heat the bottom oil in the pan, add onion and ginger powder to cook the flavor, that is, add spinach to stir fry, add vermicelli and shrimp paste granules to stir fry, add 150 grams of broth to taste, add chicken essence, and pour sesame oil out of the pot.

Efficacy: spinach is rich in vitamin A, C, B1 and B2, and is one of the & quot; best suppliers & quot; of brain cell metabolism. In addition, it also contains a large number of chlorophyll, also has the brain function. Egg is a famous brain food since ancient times. The egg yolk is rich in lecithin, which is very helpful to promote memory.

4. Walnut soup

Materials: 250 g walnut, 200 g Sugar.

Method: put walnuts in warm water for 5 minutes, peel them, grind them into juice with a small stone mill (or mash them with a small mortar), filter them with gauze to make the walnut juice flow into the pot, add sugar, 500 grams of water, boil until the water boils, and then eat it out of the pot. This soup is hot and cold. If you add some almond juice, it will be more fragrant.

Efficacy: walnut has the function of brain and intelligence. During the college entrance examination, walnut soup can be used for examination.

5. Gastrodia elata fish head soup

Materials: fish head, Gastrodia elata, coriander (other condiments can be added according to the taste).

Methods: wash 2 large fish heads and 100g Gastrodia elata Blume with clear water; seal and fry the fish heads and put them aside; pour about 8 bowls of water into the casserole, put the fish head first, and then add Gastrodia elata; stew with water until the water boils, change to medium to low heat, stew for two to three hours, and then add appropriate amount of salt.

Efficacy: parents of college entrance examination students who are troubled by headache might as well stew a pot of Gastrodia elata fish head soup for their children to replenish their overloaded brains, because Gastrodia elata has the effect of dispelling headache, benefiting qi and nourishing liver. Fish head soup has brain tonic effect.

Sedative diet for college entrance examination

1. Longan porridge

This is the season when longan comes into the market. Of course, longan here is a dry type of longan. Longan has tranquility,安仁

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