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:Beijing media: The Chinese Super League relegation battle is frequently upset,Competition system or main reason插图

:Beijing media: The Chinese Super League relegation battle is frequently upset,Competition system or main reason

Beijing media: The Chinese Super League relegation battle is frequently upset,Competition system or main reason


October 20 News recently,”Beijing Daily” wrote thatThe Super League relegation battle is frequently upset,The main reason may be the rules of the competition.

last night,All 8 games in the first round of the first round of the second stage of the Chinese Super League are finished.The relegation group can be described as unpopular.TEDA and Jianye, the two teams that were at the bottom of the first stage,They defeated the fifth-ranked teams of Shenzhen Football and Zall respectively,Take advantage of relegation.What makes the relegation battles frequently upset,The competition system is probably the main reason.

You can be relegated with just one victory throughout the season.Such things are happening.

In the first game of the relegation group in the second stage of the Chinese Super League,TEDA defeated Shenzhen 2-0,Not only got the first 3 points of the season,Also let himself occupy an absolute advantage on the road to relegation.The first stage of the competition,TEDA did not win a game,Ranked bottom in the Suzhou Division,It is a big hit for relegation.But in the game against Shenzuo,The opening was only 3 minutes,Achim Peng scored a goal for TEDA.In the second half,Achim Peng locked the score to 2-0.After winning the game,TEDA’s current form of relegation is very optimistic.According to the competition system,As long as they do not lose to Shenzhen by two goals or more in the second round,Can be relegated in advance.

TEDA did not win a game in the first stage,Ranked last in 16 teams,And the second-to-last one is Jianye.They only won 1 game,The state is very bad.But again,Jianye also upset in this round of the Super League and defeated Zall, who was previously ranked fifth in Group B, by 1-0.It also took the lead in the relegation battle.The two teams that were at the bottom of the two groups in the first stage both won.The relegation group is really messed up.

Why can we relegation early by winning only one game in a season?In the final analysis, it is the reason of the competition system.

Under the Chinese Super League’s second-stage competition system formulated by the Chinese Football Association,All the points of all teams in the first stage are voided,In the elimination system of three rounds and two rounds,Catch and fight in pairs,The winning side goes ashore,The outgoing party must continue to fight for relegation.And such a competition system is bound to increase the uncertainty of the game.

First of all,The competition system is full of chance,In such a game,Experience is often the key factor,The results of the two unpopular matches in the relegation group also confirmed this to a certain extent.During TEDA’s battle for the Super League,Never downgraded,Has a wealth of experience in the Super League.As for Jianye,In recent seasons have been fighting for relegation,The relegation experience is also very rich.And drow and deep foot,All newly promoted for the 2019 season,The Super League is seriously inexperienced.therefore,In this kind of game that needs a final word,TEDA and Jianye won the opportunity.

Secondly,From the situation of preparation for war,TEDA and Jianye are also more full.In fact,In the case of a bad start in the first stage,TEDA and Jianye actually gave up the league in the second half.After all, the scores in the first stage will not be carried into the second stage.Even with a few victories,Nor can he enter the championship group.under these circumstances,The two teams simply transferred all their energy to the second stage of the relegation battle.Such as TEDA,Before the start of the second stage,They introduced Ahmedov and Suarez from SIPG and Porto,Replaced and strengthened a number of foreign aid.And Jianye also urgently changed coaches,He also borrowed Shunic, a foreign aid from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Guoan.To relieve the pressure of defense.In contrast, Shenzu and Zhuoer,Both teams once saw the hope of entering the championship group in the first stage.It’s a pity that it fell short at the last moment,In the end, both ranked fifth in both divisions.But it is precisely because I have been fighting field by field,Make the players of the two teams overdrawn,Finally lost in the first match of the relegation group.

(Edit: Yao Fan)