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:Carragher: Liverpool want to buy a central defender,If you want to buy upa, you should get it on January 1st插图

:Carragher: Liverpool want to buy a central defender,If you want to buy upa, you should get it on January 1st

Carragher: Liverpool want to buy a central defender,If you want to buy upa, you should get it on January 1st


On October 20th, in the personal column of Sky Sports,Carragher talked about the impact of Van Dijk’s absence on Liverpool.After Van Dijk suffered a knee injury and needed a long time to recover,There are only 2 central defenders in Liverpool.Carragher pointed out that Liverpool’s next signing target must be a central defender.The team needs to sign someone first at the beginning of the winter window.He also recommended the young Leipzig defender Upa Mecano.

“anyway,Liverpool’s next important signing must be a central defender.I’m talking about next summer.Lovren is gone,Liverpool did not choose a new replacement player,Now they only have 3 central defenders,One of them is Matip who is often injured.There are also many questions about Gomez.”

“no doubt,Liverpool will show off in the transfer market next summer.But this goal must be advanced to January 1.Instead of the end of January,No matter what the goal of summer is,Don’t waste time negotiating with the club.”

Many top teams are looking for a good central defender,It is not easy to find someone to fill the vacancy left by Van Dyke.But Carragher mentioned Upamecano.

The 21-year-old French international has left a deep impression since joining Leipzig in 2017.People expect him to join a bigger club soon,Carragher hopes that Liverpool will be ready to achieve this goal as soon as possible.

“There is a young man,Everyone is talking about Upamecano in Leipzig.Whether he is Van Dijk’s height or not,I think he has 1.Height over 85 meters,May not be so tall,But if he is the player you want,Then give him priority.Can pay more,Bought him on January 1.”

“This also means that without Van Dijk,We are going to spend 11 league games.One thing to say about Van Dijk is,In the past 23 games,They only kept 5 games without losing the ball,And Van Dijk played all the games,So not everything is perfect.But I think Liverpool must sign a big deal.”

If Liverpool can bring in a new defender,It is unlikely that Klopp’s team will score 99 points this season, but Carragher pointed out thatThis may not prevent Liverpool from challenging the Premier League champion again.

“The good news for Liverpool is that you don’t need 99 points to win the league this season.”

“I think about 80 points,Both Manchester United and Liverpool have lost 5 points.If you want to score 99 points this season,Then you can only lose 10 points,And this is impossible.”

“So Liverpool has dropped from the 98 points average in the past two seasons.But if they drop by 10 to 12 points,Even 15 points,They will maintain this level this season.”

(Edit: Yao Fan)